ScarpaScarpa Instinct S Rock Climbing Shoe, UK 5.5 Eur 39, Orange

Scarpa Instinct S Rock Climbing Shoe, UK 5.5 Eur 39, Orange

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UK 5.5 Eur 39
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Advanced and aggressive down-turned slip-on shoe. These allow for fast and precise foot placements, the perfect shoe for almost any type of climbing!

The Instinct slipper from Scarpa is an amazing climbing shoe that will suit the advanced climber for almost any situation. With an aggressive down-turned nose allows for fast and extremely precise foot placements, excellent for technical routes or bouldering. The slipper design allows the show to be taken on and off super easily, great for bouldering or multi-pitch climbs where your feet will need a breather. With a reinforced toe patch for more durability when toe hooking these shoes are sensitive and tough. The 3mm Vibram X S Grip 2 sole gives amazing feel and incredible friction. With a synthetic upper these shoes will fit perfectly straight out the box and will maintain their shape, whilst being super comfortable. Also 3 big loops allow the Instict S to be pulled on and ripped off in no time at all!

A great technical shoe for all types of climbing, a comfortable, sensitive and tough shoe with all the feature and build quality you'd expect from Scarpa. And if you don't believe us, here are a few words from pro climber Sam Elias about the Instinct S:

"The slipper model provides increased sensitivity, as well as ease of entry and exit. They are on-and-off in an instant, and allow me to feel and grab with my toes. In addition, the quality of construction and the durability of the rubber and the fabric assure me of maximum performance well after I have taken them out of the box, as well as ensure that the shoes retain their original shape with a consistent fit after much use. The Instincts have redefined my personal idea of the capabilities of a single shoe model. I have come to trust them for nearly everything, and they are my most utilized boots. They are incredibly versatile and perform to the highest standard at any angle, slab to overhang, and with any foothold type. I did not believe that a single shoe could perform so well in such a variety of situations. The Instinct is as close as it comes to a shoe that is perfect for nearly every situation"

  • Slip-On Design - super easy to get on and off
  • Reinforced Toe Patch - more durable for toe hooks
  • Thin Sole - 3mm thick for maximum sensitivity
  • Vibram X S Grip 2 - provides the next level of friction
  • 3 Big Loops - makes it super quick and easy to take on and off

  • Suede Upper - great fit straight from the box and they won't stretch
  • Elasticated Band
  • 3mm Vibram X S Grip 2 Sole


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