2015 Vans Snowboard Boots

2015 Vans Snowboard Boots

Vans snowboard boots will unfortunately not be available globally for winter 2014/2015. The factory producing Vans snowboard boots has shut down and with little time to find a good quality manufacturer who can meet the high standards Vans demand in build quality, they have made the decision not to go forward with their boots this winter.

However, Vans snowboard boots will be back for winter 2015/2016 as they have already found a new producer for their boots that meets the high standards Vans strive for with every product.  This hasn't affected any other Vans product and you can checkout their amazing footwear and skate shoes here.

In light of this we have put together recommendations for those of you unsure what to chose as an alternative boot. We do however have a limited stock remaining of Men's Vans Snowboard boots and Women's Vans Snowboard boots.



 Vans Snowboard BootRecommendationsVans RRP
 InfuseFlow Talon or DC Travis Rice£330.00
 Cirro32 Focus BOA or Burton ION£300.00
 SequalNike SB Zoom Force 1 or 32 Lashed£250.00
 Revere32 TM Two or Northwave Decade£230.00
 AuraNike SB Zoom Force 1 BOA or 32 Session£220.00
 V-6632 Lashed or DC Kush£200.00
 EncoreNike SB Vapen BOA or Salomon Dialogue£180.00
 Hi StandardBurton Ruler or Nike SB Vapen£160.00
 BrystalBurton Moto or 32 STW BOA£160.00
 Women's AuraBurton Ritual or Nike SB Zoom Force 1 Boa£220.00
 Women's EncoreNike SB Women's Vapen BOA or Burton Emerald£180.00
 Women's Hi StandardBurton Mint or Nike SB Women's Vapen£160.00
 Women's BrystalFlow DeeLite BOA£120.00


If you are still unsure about which boot to choose the drop us an email here and we can help you find the perfect choice!

Our Team Personally use and recommend the following boots:

David:  32 Lashed - All Mountain Freestyle

Toby:  Burton ION - All Mountain

Brad:  Nike SB Zoom DK - All Mountain Freestyle

Tanya:  Burton Emerald - All Mountain Freestyle

Matt:  32 TM-Two - All Mountain 

Max:  32 Lashed - All Mountain Freestyle

Chris:  Northwave Decade - All Mountain Freestyle

Liam:  32 Prion - Beginner/All Mountain

Lucille:  Nike SB Women's Vapen BOA - All Mountain Freestyle


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