Go Skateboarding Day 2015 - The Official Holiday

The 21st of June marks a day of celebration for a community of riders around the world. Events that bring riders together will be happening all over the globe for Go Skateboarding Day. The official annual holiday begun in 2004 by the IASC to spread awareness of skate culture to the world, promoting the sport and encouraging young people to get out and have fun when skating. To give an example of scale, 2006 saw 350 events take place in 32 countries.

Last year saw Vans head to Manila to take part in a huge push parade, check out the video below

Although there has been altercations involving skaters and the police in the past during the events, the morale has always been high with a clear message, with the rapid growth of popularity in different skate styles over the past two years (Cruisers, Longboards etc..)   The skateboarding scene is still well and truly alive, and it’s a scene of positivity and community.

For the UK, London sees Nike SB taking over the streets, whilst DC host a huge global skate jam in California. Watch the video below for some of last year’s Go Skateboarding action

Wherever you skate, show us your Go Skateboarding Day activities! Use the hashtag #fortheexperience and if you need some new gear before the day, check out our Skate Store