How Tough is a GoPro?

How Tough Is A Go Pro?

Most of us have seen some breath-takingly close calls on the mountain, in the sea or when travelling when it comes to dropping or losing a GoPro and having ridden over a couple of GoPros myself, I can attest to their truly rugged and almost indestructible design. Good quality mounts and accessories are vital to ensuring your equipment does it's job with minimal risk to you, others or the GoPro itself.

Over the last couple of weeks we've seen more and more brave souls sending their GoPro in where you wouldn't expect, and subsequently nature trying it’s hardest to retaliate.  If you’ve ever wondered just how tough is the latest GoPro Hero 3+ then take a look at the films below and you’ll soon start to realise you have to try pretty hard to kill one of these amazing little cameras!




As you can see Bears and Lions have had a go and the GoPro has lived to tell the tale! It just goes to show how creative you can be with your GoPro – especially the Hero 3+ Black Edition with its slow motion capabilities.

I don’t recommend going trying what the guys above did – I personally like have all my appendages attached, but it goes to show if you think outside the box the possibilities are endless and it doesn't hurt that there is a huge selection of GoPro Accessories to help capture it all too!