Kids can shred too!

Burton Rider sends it...


You know what they say, start them young. It’s true, well it's logic really but if this kid is this good at 9, imagine how good he can be at 18. Dylan Heinstein is another example of how kids can pick up the sport just as quickly or even faster than adults, kids also have no fear and can go for days which is half the skill you need to land a new trick. Many snowboarders, skiers, skateboarders, surfers etc wish they started younger because it simply means they would have got all the basics and more down while they were a kid.



For 2015 we now have Burton. The Burton Custom Smalls is one of Burton's best-selling boards but for kids so you know they are getting a great quality snowboard that will last and is perfect for learning on and can be taken anywhere on the mountain no matter what conditions prevail.

To go with it Burton have the Mission Smalls which again is a solid pair of bindings with the same tech as the adults but a bit softer so the kids can have some more fun! It’s not just Burton we have so be sure to check out our selection of kids snowboards, snowboard bindings, and snowboard boots.

If unsure about anything don't hesitate to drop us an email and we can help you find exactly what you need!