Local Event: Pretty Faces Girls Shred and Film Premiere at The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead

Last Friday saw the first in a series of events hosting the all-female ski and snowboard film, Pretty Faces: A Story of a Skier Girl.

The event started with all the girls and guys hitting the indoor slope of The Snow Centre for a super fun shred session on the main slope then headed over to the rookie slope for a jam session with coaching and prizes! It was awesome to see so many of the girls having a great time and learning new tricks from sliding a box for the first time to adding another trick to the tricklist!

Photo: Emma Fitzgerald

Once everyone was suitably tired out from shredding hard, it was time to head up to the bar to get some drinks and sit down for a viewing of possibly the best all-female ski and snowboard film ever. Lyndsey Dyer and Unicorn Picnic Productions have created a beauty; incredibly well filmed and edited, a plot which keeps you entertained throughout and showcases some incredible talent from ladies in the backcountry and the park. Not to mention how incredibly clever they have been to make this film fun and feminine without trying to be overly gnarly…even though Tatum Monod does a huge double backflip into the pow.

Photo: Richard Clark

Want to watch out the film? You can buy it online here now:

Unicorn Picnic | Pretty Faces Teaser from Unicorn Picnic Productions.

The organisers of both this event and the film relied hugely on their sponsors which range from GoPro, Smith Optics, Faction and many more…