Nitro Snowboards - The Bad Seeds Trailer!

Nitro Bad Seeds Trailer


If you saw ‘Hyped!’ get ready for another amazing movie from the bosses at Nitro!


“The Bad Seeds stands for a group of individuals who enjoy living a life outside the norm that society has set.”

Nitro are at it again, simply aiming to have a good time shredding and to get it all on film. If you are a rider who loves to just jib about, be creative and just have a blast then this may be your favourite movie of all time! They have travelled all over the world in search of that sacred moment when snowboarding is the only thing on your mind because you’re having the time of your life with friends.

With a huge host of riders including Brandon Hobush, Sam Taxwood, Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, Gjermund Braaten, Anna Gasser and many more…



For the movie they have even created a board to go with it called, you guessed it the 2015 Nitro Bad Seed. This board you are guaranteed to see many times in the film and the people who are riding it will have huge smiles on their faces.

We even have more of the Nitro boards and bindings for 2015.

T1                 Rad Park/all mountain board

Stance          Amazing beginner all mountain snowboard

Cinema         Park/Urban Freestyle & Jibbers delight snowboard

Team            The teams choice, all mountain freestyle medium stiff binding

Zero              Lightweight canted freestyle bindings