Pioneering innovation from Oakley for 2015

2015 Oakley Snowboard Goggles

The Oakley A-Frame is one of the most recognisable goggles out there and has had some die hard followers since its introduction to the market in 1998. It is an incredible goggle but Oakley decided it was about time to upgrade it and bring it into the 21st century. The 2.0 version is leaner, cleaner and is less bulky than its older brother. It still sports the same great features as the A-Frame but with a few tweaks here and there. These include redesigned dual surge port vents, smoother articulating outriggers, a larger lens with wider peripheral vision. These differences can be seen in the comparison image below.

Flight Deck

The Flight Deck is a brand new goggle and is the first frameless goggle that Oakley have ever produced. They took their inspiration for it from the helmet visors of fighter pilots which protect the pilots without obstructing their vision. This means the Flight Deck has one of the widest fields of view of any goggle and it looks bad ass as well! On top of this great vision the Flight Deck also has a new interchangeable lens system. This is called RidgeLock and it works a bit like a ziplock bag. The frame has a channel in it whilst the lens has a ridge on it. These match up allowing the lens to be changed incredibly quickly and easily even without having to take off gloves.

Prizm Lenses

Prizm lenses are a brand new technology designed by Oakley which works by tuning the light which passes through the goggle lens. This enhances contrast, detail and contours to give a much clearer give of the mountain. It also allows traditionally bright light lenses such as Black Iridium to work in a much broader range of conditions meaning you don't need to carry that awkward spare lens around in your pocket any more! When we tried the Prizm lenses we were a bit sceptical. Plenty of brands claim to have the best lenses for all conditions and have something that tey say is better than the rest but we we're very surprised with how the Prizm lenses performed. Being Oakley they have great quality optics already with far less distortion than some other brands. We tested these on an Austrian glacier late in the season with incredibly changeable weather and they worked fantastically well even when transitioning through clouds.

2015 Oakley goggles can be pre-ordered now at Absolute-Snow.