Skinnies, Sober tones and Old Skool: Your guide to Outerwear style this season

With the new season fast approaching most of you are probably wondering what the new styles are and what you should be wearing…Here we are to help!   

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen a huge difference in styles.  If you go back just a couple of years, you’ll see all the cool kids wearing bold, bright and baggy outerwear and acting like thugs on the slopes.  However, in snowboarding and freeskiing we’re seeing an evolution into the realms of muted tones, high tech street-inspired classic fit jackets and slim-fit pants. You’ll be happy to hear prints haven’t completely gone, with camo making a comeback so you can still blend in with ease.

A couple of years ago  VS  last winter

32 2015 Outerwear

If you’re into boosting off cliffs in the back-country and charging down powdery fields of fluff, Oakley and The North Face have bought out their big guns this year, both with a whole range of super high tech Gore-Tex outerwear and a chilled out style.

32 2015 Outerwear

We’re also seeing sleek shapes and contrast panels for the ladies this year, where looking feminine with a whole bunch of high tech features is what you want to be looking for. Skinny pants are also in for ladies, tighter around the knees to create a more feminine and flattering shape.

32 2015 Outerwear

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