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Feast your eyes on a sport that has been gaining traction in the UK and all around the world. Slacklining is a sport that requires a fair bit of balance, courage, concentration and precise footing. Cousin to the more traditional tightrope walking, the main difference is simply that slacklines are slack - despite being tensioned, they are bouncy and dynamic allowing some insane tricks and stunts to be performed on them.

The level of difficulty can be set by the user by adjusting the height and tension of their set up and therefore individuals of all ages and skill levels can benefit from the day long fun that such a simple piece of webbing can provide. If you are stuck for birthday or christmas present ideas, slacklines are a sure winner!


Tensioned between two anchor points (these could be anything from two trees in your local park to urban pilons and boulders - chuck in an extra factor by setting it up over water); slacklines are a great way to actively pass the time on a sunny day out, work on your balance and tone your core muscles while having fun. It is also used by some physios to get your injuries back to top shape.

For your first initiation into the land of slacklining we would recommend checking out the Classic X13 Slackline by Gibbon or Charko's Big Band slackline. Both of which will see you though your first hesistant steps all the way to throwing down some tricks if it takes your fancy. If your're a traveller, consider taking the Travel Line X13 with you to set up anywhere in the world. It was specifically designed to be light and portable.

The versatility of slacklining has created several sub-disciplines such as slackline yoga, highlining and tricklining/freestyle slacklining, all of which are super impressive.


The most notorious name in slacklining is Andy Lewis who has won multiple slacklining world cup competitions and also set notable records in highlining. Sponsored by Gibbon slacklines, he has his own signature line: the Andy Lewis Trickline X13 Set that comes as a set with everything you need to slackline like a pro. Alternatively, but just as hardcore, check out Gibbon's Jib Line X13 which is ideal for what its name suggests, jibbing. It's super responsive with a soft landing and is a step up from the Classic Line X13 for aspiring trick slack riders. Barcelona born Charko also have a Black Trickline Set with rubberised writing on the top for increased traction when you need it most.


For those of you who already have anchors or want to create your own set up with individual pieces, check out some high end webbing made to a world champ's spec, follow the links to see the Andy Lewis Trickline Webbing and Jaan Roose's signature webbing the Slamina Webbing.


Remember to protect your playground by adding a protective layer to the trees or whatever your anchor point might be with Charko's Safe Tree Slackline Accessory or a spare towel.