Slopestyle Skiing and Snowboarding: The Rise of the Ladies

9 Queens Competition

In the male dominated world of freestyle skiing and snowboarding, the ladies have always been the butt of some pretty sexist jokes… However, this is all about to change, with a bunch of super talented and hard working girls coming up through the ranks. It’s safe to say we’re going to see a huge boom in the sports after such strong results and a significant increase in the funding put into it and the prominence of females in the industry.

To start off with a bang 16 year old Brit Katie Omerod has just landed the first ever backside double cork 1080 in women’s snowboarding at the end of the 2014 season. This a trick you’ll see in the top male snowboarders’ slopestyle runs across the world which makes her a giant force for the future and at only 16 who knows what she has in her!? Take a look below at Katie's hard work paying off.

On the skiing front, there’s a whole load of ladies from the UK who have the potential to rival the best in the world in slopestyle and halfpipe…  But we can’t miss out Estonian Kelly Sildaru who, at only 12 years old, has a slopestyle run to rival the winning 2014 Olympic run. Sildaru also has a full part in the PVS Company Ski film and wins in pretty much every slopestyle competition she enters. Here’s one of a number of webisodes made by the Sildaru clan (her brother is also ridiculous at only 7 years old) showing impressive talent and a tidy switch 1080 in a slopestyle run…

We can’t forget the huge support by the most ridiculously awesome competitions of the year either! Nine Queens sees 9 incredible snowboarders and 9 skiers,  a giant kicker, a heli shoot and incredible sponsorship by GoPro action cameras, Marker bindings and O’Neill. All of this results in a competition that allows the girls throw down and truly progress the sport at a scale most of us can't imagine! With the likes of big name Olympians, the lovely Brit Katie Summerhayes and Bronze medal winning Jenny Jones sending it over these giant kickers, BIG things are coming! 

Keep an eye on these girls and if you’re interested in the equipment that Katie Omerod uses, the checkout our 2015 Roxy Snowboards for all the information you could need to know!

9 Queens Backflip