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9 of the Best Camping Mats for Camping & Backpacking 2020

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From ultralight insulated airbeds to self-inflating luxury camp mats, we highlight 9 of the best ground pads for 2, 3, & 4 season outdoor adventures for 2020.

3 Best 2-Season Camping Pads

The Vango Aotrom ultralight air mattress from Vango is their lightest, most technically advanced airbed to date.  Air-filled welded channels mould to the contours of the ground surface and your body to deliver a comfortable night's sleep, no matter the terrain.  A 20D nylon ripstop fabric with TPU lamination balances durability with an ultralight design that weighs just 410g and packs down to a compact size for minimalist hiking and trekking.

Style: Air-filled, welded channels

Fabric: 20D 380T Nylon Ripstop

R-Value: 1

Weight: 410g

Thickness: 5 cm

Pack Size: 15 x 8 cm

Sizes: Regular

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Updated for 2020, Big Agnes Air Core Ultra retains its pack weight of just 566g (regular) but now features a micro-adjustable, high-volume valve for fast inflation/deflation and fine-tuning to your desired firmness.  Oversize outer chambers keep you comfortably centred while built-in heat reflective technology reduces heat loss for added thermal efficiency. A cosy 9cm thickness is underpinned by a minimalist I-Beam construction for consistent stability throughout the pad. 

The durable nylon fabric features aviation-grade TPU lamination with an antimicrobial treatment on the inside helping to prevent the build-up of odours and fungi. The new design includes a Pad Inflation Sack made from upcycled excess pad materials, replacement valve seal and 3M repair patches.  A fantastic and economical airbed for fast-moving outdoor adventures and base camps. The perfect camping and trekking pad for DofE participants.

Style: Air-filled, I-Beam construction

Fabric: Nylon | Aviation grade TPU Laminate 

R-Value: 1.4

Weight: 566g (Regular)

Thickness: 9 cm

Pack Size: 10 x 18 cm

Sizes: Regular

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The NOMAD® AirTec is an ultralight airbed built for fast-moving hiking and minimalist camping expeditions.  A 30D ripstop fabric keeps the pack weight low while a chambered design lets your sleeping bag's insulation expand into the gaps, helping maintain effective loft and heat retention otherwise lost by crushing the insulation beneath your body.  Dual low profile valves allow for rapid inflation and deflation while the storage pouch doubles as a pumpsack saving your breath for the fresh air.

Style: Air-filled chambers, Offset construction

Fabric: 30D polyester ripstop 

R-Value: 1.8

Weight: 505g (Regular)

Thickness: 5.5 cm

Pack Size: 20 x 7 cm

Sizes: Regular, Large



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3 Best 3-Season Camping Pads

The Robens Prima Vapour 60 airbed delivers the same underlying design as their classic lightweight Vapour but with an added layer of insulating Primaloft for added warmth.  Boasting one of the lightest insulated designs on the market, the PrimaVapour 60 air mattress uses a light yet robust 20D nylon ripstop construction with multiple air chambers to deliver stability and comfort.  The grooved surface lets your sleeping bag's insulation expand into the gaps helping maintain effective loft and heat retention that would otherwise be lost by crushing the insulation beneath your body.  At just 575g, the PrimaVapour offers a travel-friendly design for foot-propelled outdoor adventures.

Style: Air-filled, Offset construction

Insulation: Primaloft Infinity 60g/m2

Fabric: 20D 390T nylon, double line square ripstop, TPU coated 

R-Value: 2.2

Weight: 575g

Thickness: 6 cm

Pack Size: 27 x 9 cm

Sizes: Regular

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With its women's specific design, the Sea To Summit Comfort Light SI Women's provides anatomically based comfort with a narrower shoulder and wider hip area.  A Delta Core™ foam construction uses horizontal triangular cores to reduce pack weight and bulk without sacrificing comfort and support.  The self-inflating design lets you quickly top up to your desired firmness while an anti-slip print on the top and base helps hold your sleeping bag and mat in place to keep from shifting in the night.  The PillowLock™ also lets you attach an Aeros™ pillow to your mat, holding it securely in place.  A durable and lightweight travel companion with an attention to detail that delivers long-lasting comfort.


Style: Self-Inflating Air/Foam, Delta Core™ construction 

Fabric: 30D polyester ripstop 

R-Value: 2.7

Weight: 665g (Regular)

Thickness: 5 cm

Pack Size: 27 x 16 cm

Sizes: Regular, Large

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Updated for 2020, the Big Agnes Insulated Axl Air Mat 
blends 3-season comfort with an ultralight and travel-friendly design.  A 9.5 cm thickness keeps you away from ground cold while oversized outer chambers keep you comfortably centred.  PrimaLoft Gold® insulation and Cross Core Technology work with a heat reflective barrier to trap and reflect body heat to keep you warm in cooler conditions.  Under new ASTM testing, the Insulated Axl Air achieves an R-value of 3, making it ideal for spring/autumn use.  A pack weight of just 369g (mummy shape) and a super-compact size make this the perfect pad option for those seeking a versatile airbed for camping and backpacking in changing weather conditions.  The Insulated Axl Air is also available in a rectangular shape for those desiring greater support and comfort.    


Style: Air-filled, Offset construction

Insulation: PrimaLoft Gold Insulation with Cross Core Technology 

Fabric: 30D lightweight polyester ripstop 

R-Value: 3

Weight: 369g (Mummy)

Thickness: 9.5 cm

Pack Size: 17 x 8 cm

Sizes: Mummy, Regular, Large, Wide Long

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3 Best 4-Season Camping Pads

With a huge R-Value of 8.1, the Nordisk Gandalf 10.0 gives you a 4-season, self-inflating camp mat backed with 10cm of high-quality foam and a brushed cotton surface for next-to-skin softness.  A honeycomb-shaped surface adds comfort with horizontal tube construction air chambers delivering insulation and even stability throughout.  An integrated pillow provides head and neck support while side buttons let you attach a second mat for two-person campouts.  Durable valves help self-inflation with a few breaths to top-up for a personalised firmness. An anti-slip siliconized print keeps this ground mat firmly in place on a tent floor.  The Gandalf 10.0 self-inflating sleeping pad is a sound purchase for destination camping and car touring - a great addition to any festival outing or even indoor use.  Also available in a super-deluxe two-person design with the Gandalf 5.0 XLD.

Style: Self-inflating, air/foam core

Insulation: Foam 18kg /m3

Fabric: Top: 100% cotton, Bottom: 100% Oxford polyester 

R-Value: 8.1

Weight: 3100g

Thickness: 10 cm

Pack Size: 27 x 70 cm

Sizes: Regular

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The Sea to Summit Comfort Deluxe Self Inflating Mat delivers a hard-wearing, super comfortable construction in an oversize design for the camper and tourer looking to add luxury to their outdoor adventure.  For epic cushioning, the Comfort Deluxe SI airbed utilises a 10cm thick Delta Core™ technology. This innovative construction maximises comfort and thickness while minimising weight and bulk. Triangular foam cores deliver stability and support with thicker PU foam on top to aid insulation and ensure consistent warmth along the entire length of the pad.

The self-inflating design is simple to use - simply open the valve and leave to stand before topping up with a few breaths to the desired firmness. An anti-slip print on the top and the base of this mat helps hold your sleeping bag and mat in place.  An R-Value of 5.2 means this camping mat is ideal for 3-4 season use.  With its plush design, the Comfort Plus SI is a fantastic sleeping pad for base camp, multi-day camping trips, festivals and even home use for sleep-overs. Also available in large wide, double, and campervan sizes.

Style: Air/Foam, Self-Inflating, Delta Core Technology

Fabric: 30D Stretch Knit polyester, 75D base,  

R-Value: 5.2

Weight: 1840g (Regular Wide)

Thickness: 10 cm

Pack Size: 18.5 x 64 cm

Other Sizes: Large Wide, Double, Campervan

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At the top end of the ultralight 4-season range, the ThermaRest NeoAir Xtherm gives you a truly worthy insulated camp mattress, free from the weight or bulk usually found in a winter mat.  Weighing just 570g (large) and boasting a pack size of just 28 x 11cm, the NeoAir XTherm excels at fast-and-light trekking, alpine projects and minimalist camping.

Multiple reflective ThermaCapture™ layers trap radiant heat while a Triangular Core Matrix™ construction minimizes convective heat loss to deliver an unrivalled warmth-to-weight ratio in its class.  A cosy 6cm thickness and soft-touch, no-slip fabric provides comfort while a baffled internal structure delivers support and stability for a great night's rest after a big day on the trail or crag.

The updated design features the tough new WingLock Valve. The intuitive design is quick and easy to use and delivers 3 x faster inflation than the classic valve with toggle wings for one-way inflation and deflation. Includes pump sack, stuff sack, and repair kit.

With its low pack weight and size (smaller than a 1-litre water bottle) the NeoAir XTherm ground mat is the go-to ultralight camping mat for all-season adventures. A perfect addition to the go-bag for weekend wanders through to multi-day trail hikes and big wall ascents.

Style: Air-filled chamber

Insulation: ThermaCapture™ with Triangular Core Matrix™

Fabric: 30D ripstop HT nylon / 70D nylon 

R-Value: 6.9

Weight: 570g (Regular)

Thickness: 6.4 cm

Pack Size: 28 x 11 cm

Other Sizes: Large

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