Absolute Guide to Lobster 3BT Triple Base Snowboard Camber Profiles

Here you will find information and diagrams on Triple Base Technology (3BT) offered by Bataleon and Lobster snowboards.

Jib 3BT

The Jib 3BT is designed for jibbing, hence the name. It has the widest base of all the 3BT profiles which give you more stability while pressing and sliding on rails, boxes etc. The 3BT uplift begins under your feet for a catch free and forgiving ride. The Jib 3BT is flat camber to make pressing easy and stable but still give plenty of pop for ollies.

Park 3BT

The Park 3BT performs best for park riders who love to lap all day. A wide centre base for stable presses and slides but narrower than the Jib so you can get more aggressive when you want to. The Park has a mellow camber for legit presses and great pop.

Twin 3BT

The Twin 3BT is great for riding the park but has a more tradition camber for more energy, pop and response. It is still has a nice wide centre base for stable presses and slides which is why it performs great in the park but also will hold up well anywhere on the mountain.

Freestyle 3BT

The Freestyle 3BT is the most 'all round' 3BT shape in the range. The centre, left and right parts of the base are almost divide equally which gives better stability on an edge. The profile has a tradition camber from tip to tail for ultimate response.

All Mountain 3BT

The All Mountain 3BT is designed for the riders who like to go wherever they want to. The centre is a touch narrower than the, left and right parts of the base which gives better float & edge to edge response. The profile has a tradition camber from tip to tail for ultimate response.

Freeride 3BT

The Freeride 3BT is designed for off piste charging and on piste carving. With the narrowest centre base of all the 3BT this is an aggressive profile which will have great edge-to-edge agility. It also has the widest 3BT sidebase wings and increased uplift angles on the nose guarantees superb float in the powder. Like the stance the flat section between the feet is set back to put more turning power over your back foot.

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