An Absolute Guide to Buying Sleeping Bags

What should you look for in a sleeping bag? Firstly, it depends on where you’re going and when. A summer camping trip on the Cornish coast shouldn’t require a 4-season fully insulated bag. On the flipside, a lightweight 2-season bag would likely be unsuited to a winter trip in the same location. In our opinion it’s safer to equip yourself for the lowest temperatures you could expect to encounter for your trip. Better to have a bag that’s too warm and not need it than a bag that’s not warm enough when you do.

It’s worth remembering that a good quality sleeping bag goes only so far in keeping you warm. In every case they should be coupled with a suitable sleeping pad to insulate against ground temperature. And it’s never a bad idea to keep a spare pair of warm socks and a hat close to hand should the temperatures drop.

Use our quick guide below to find your perfect sleeping bag. Hover over the boxes for a brief guide to each category before using the flow chart to view a selection of sleeping bags suited to your trip.

Need more? Click to see our Complete Guide to Sleeping Bags for further information regarding terms and technology. At Absolute Rock we hope to help you find the perfect sleeping bag to suit your next adventure – summer or winter, big or small.

How many seasons protection will you need?

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Do you want synthetic or down?



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How will you be camping?

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