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How to choose your towable inflatable

Choosing a Towable Inflatable Tube

When you first start looking at tubes it can be overwhelming to see how many there really are out there. How do you choose the right towable inflatable for you?  By looking at your specific needs, however, you can easily narrow down your choices and make choosing the right tube a much easier task.

How many people will be riding? 

There are tubes meant for one rider, or a dozen. The bigger the tube, the more expensive it will be of course. Some people prefer riding alone, while for others it's just not fun if they're not in a group. O'Brien have a range of multi rider ringos, for axmple the ever popular 1 man Screamer, or the 2 man Dart.

Who will be riding? 

This is only really a factor if you have kids. You can find tubes sized specifically for children, or tubes that are good for everyone. Of course, the child can ride in an average sized tube as well, but it can be nice having one sized to them if they're the only ones you expect to be riding. A great children's towable is the Jobe Starship.

What is your budget? 

This is of course always a concern when making any purchase. There are tubes from a less than a £50 to several hundred, so there should be something for every budget. The bigger you go the higher the price, as mentioned above. Jobe make a super cheap tube for starters The Toxic

What sort of style are you looking for? 

This is one of the more fun decisions. Once you've narrowed it down by riders, price, etc. you can take a look at what style you'd like. Do you want a wild ride or are you a more  sedate person? Are you out for fun or relaxation? There are tubes you sit in - The Test Pilot Ejector Seat, sit on - The Jobe Kick Flip , kneel on - The O'Brien X Wing or lie on - The Jobe Joker.

Some tubes have more than one style. There are round tubes, balls, wedges, and everything in-between. As for colours, you can find tubes in pretty much every colour. 

Have fun choosing the right tube!