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How to Correctly Inflate your Towable

Thanks for buying a Towable.

Prolong the life of your new purchase by following these simple guidelines.  Due to the varied climate in the UK the PVC of your product can react differently to those used in warmer environments.

These goods have been containerised and packed tightly into the display box for a period of time. This will have created some creasing within the inflatable part of this product – this is not a problem and is quite normal but we STRONGLY advise you to follow these instructions before using your new purchase to prevent any cracking or damage.

Take the inflatable into your home or other room temperature environment.

  1. Take the inflatable part of the tube out of the box and slowly unravel.
  2. Slightly inflate the tube to about two thirds of it’s entire capacity
  3. Leave in this state for an over night period in a warm, room temperature environment.
  4. Inflate to the required pressure checking that all creases have disappeared and that the seams are crack free.
  5. Release air from the tube, pack away for transit to the place of enjoyment.

 If the outside temperature is 60 degrees or more then please follow steps 1,2, and step three can be for a period of around 2 to 3 hours.

We hope that you will enjoy safe Tubing.


Always use a correct towrope when using your inflatable.

How much air is the right amount?

Proper inflation is the key to fun with all inflatable water toys. Under inflation is the big no no! it causes the tube to sit low in the water instead of being pulled across it. The outer cover should be taut and wrinkle free. An adult should be able to stand on the tube and only sink a couple of inches. 

In order to achieve this level of inflation, the PVC must stretch, which is why the choice of inflators is so important. It has to have enough volume to stretch the PVC. Again, very firm, wrinkle free, and you’ll be riding high and having the time of your life!  

Towable tubes need to be full of air and properly maintained for long product life and ultimate performance. In order to properly inflate and maintain tubes, you must have the proper equipment. 

If you inflate with en electric pump we suggest you top it off with a hand pump Inflation.

Maintenance: Finally, it is not enough to simply fill it up and go! If you leave a full tube sitting in the sun for any length of time, it will expand. For example used to hold up a boat cover and left in the elements will shorten the life of the tube.

Ideally store it in the shade or during winter periods in a warm dry room, or let some air out and lay flat. Don’t let it sit on the beach, dock, boat or under the  boat cover full of air! At the same time, if it is stored out of the sun in a cool place, you will need to add air before use next time around. Check and adjust inflation levels each time you use your tube. You’ll have more fun, and your toys will last longer.