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How to Stop Snowboard/Ski Goggle Fog, Mist or Steam - Top 12 Tips

Snowboard and ski goggles can, if not careful, easily steam up, get foggy or mist making it very difficult to see properly.  Follow these simple top 12 tips and your vision will be clear.

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  1. Buy a good quality pair of googles.  It is a false economy buying a cheap pair.  Clear vision is critically important while travelling at speed on the mountain, with other slope users all around you and a myriad of other hazards. Without clear vision, you are never going to spot that landing.
  2. Go for double glazing.  These days most good quality lenses are double glazed.  Air trapped between the two lenses provides insulation, preventing fog forming.
  3. Keep your lenses dry.  This is easier said than done but you must try.  If your goggles steam up it is because moisture is present. 
  4. Do not take your goggles on and off; once on, leave them on otherwise moisture WILL get inside the frame!
  5. Do not raise your goggles onto your forehead or hat - the goggle foam will soak up sweat or moisture from rain or snow.
  6. Maximize the airflow in and around your goggles, make sure vents are fully open and definitely not covered in snow.
  7. Wear your hood and / or face mask loose.  If either are drawn tightly around or close to your goggles, they can prevent your goggles from properly venting your warm moist breath.  Any trapped warm moist air will condense on the nearest cold source - ie your goggle lens!
  8. Buy an Airhole face mask - ie one which allows your breath to escape.  Airhole is a brand but several other manufacturer's of face masks have now copied the idea.
  9. Ride fast - this really helps!  
  10. Whilst riding fast, lift your goggles a centimeter off your face to allow the fog out and fresh air in.
  11. Stay cool.  If you get hot and sweaty, consider removing your goggles for a while. Beginner snowboarders tend to fall over a lot.  This means they can get very hot and sweaty and, at the same time, covered in snow.  If this sounds like you, leave your goggles off until you are in control of the situation.
  12. Keep your goggles warm and dry when not in use. Condensation will not form if they are warm and dry. An inside jacket pocket is ideal providing your goggles are inside their protective pouch. 


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