Skateboard Buying Guide

Checkout our skateboard buying guide if you are looking to buy a complete or ready assembled skateboard. 

Complete skateboards are the perfect way for beginner skateboarders to get their first set-up. All the completes sold on our site are made with top quality components that we sell individually as well. This makes it dead easy to get hold of spare parts should you need to. Completes will arrive at your door fully assembled and ready to ride. You can buy completes with ‘complete’ peace of mind that all the components will fit perfectly and run smoothly, so there is no hassle and no worry of parts not fitting. If you are thinking of buying a complete skateboard for your child and are considering just getting one from a department store or toy shop – don’t! They are rubbish and won’t last. The bearings will most likely seize up, screws work loose and the grip tape will peel off. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to skateboards.

Completes are also great for experienced skaters who’s current set up has taken a  thrashing. You save money by buying a complete versus buying the components individually, without compromising on quality. 

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