Skateboard Deck Buiyng Guide

When choosing a skateboard deck there are a few things you need to consider before just grabbing the one with the best graphics.


The size of skateboard decks is defined by the width. Decks do differ in length slightly but the length is always in proportion to the width. Always refer to the width, not the length, when choosing a skate deck. Skating was invented in the US so all skateboards use imperial inches and not metric cm for their sizing. There is no definitive formula for choosing the ideal size deck but here are a few pointers you should find useful:

Thinner decks ( 7.5" – 7.8" )

  • Better for technical street style skating
  • Easier to flip, so perfect for learning new flip tricks on.

Wider decks ( 8.0" + )

  • Better for pool and ramp skating.
  • More stable, so easier for fast ramp skating and landing big stair sets and gaps on, but slightly harder to flip. Perfect if you’re into bombing big hills!
  • Skaters with bigger feet should go for a wider deck.

After you've been skating for a while you will get a good idea of what size deck you like skating, and what size decks suit your size and style. Skating as many different size decks as possible is the only way to figure this out. Ultimately, you'll probably end up with a selection of decks and will enjoy riding them all depending on your mood and where you want to ride.


Extra light decks – Can make it easier to ollie higher and learn technical tricks.

Extra strong decks – Designed to not snap as easily as some decks when taking a heavy landing.

Most of our decks are still made with standard wood and glue construction. Don’t be put off by decks without new technology or materials in them. Some of the best skateboards in the world are still made with traditional methods and materials, and are still used by most of the world’s top skaters.


Some brands have better reputations for building better quality decks than others. Some brands are more expensive than others. Some brands will suit your image and style better than others. It’s up to you! All the decks sold on our website are from top brands, from America, England and Europe. 

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