Neck & Face Protection

The Absolute Guide to Airhole Facemasks

For those who snowboard or ski, this is the Absolute guide to the full range of Airhole facemasks including Standard, Standard Lite, Standard Ergo and Standard Wing / Extreme.

Standard Facemasks

The Airhole 2 Layer Standard facemask is the original action sports facemask and the design is patented. Featuring super soft velcro closure and 2 layers of fabric to protect your face, it can handle the harshest conditions. Think of it like a 10k jacket for your face featuring Airhole’s signature Airhole breathe hole to stop you misting up.

std mask 1std 2 std 3 

Standard Lite Facemasks

The same as the Standard but with a reduced profile behind the neck and a fuller profile either side of the front.  The standard lite adopts the triangular profile of a bandanna but uses Airhole's legendary Velcro closure - much easier than tying a knot in a handkerchief!

Lite 1Lite 2Lite 3

Standard Ergo Facemasks

The Airhole Ego (Ergonomic) mask is the most technical facemask in the range. Featuring a more ergonomic shape to hug the contours of your face and butt up nicely to your goggles, super soft velcro closure and a 3 Layer bonded windproof fabric it can handle the harshest conditions. With a water repellency of 20K you can be sure your body will be wet before your face is and it features Airhole’s signature Airhole breath hole to stop you misting up. The Airhole Standard Ergo 3 Layer is ready for Extreme conditions.

Ergo Mask 1Ergo Mask 2Ergo Mask 3

Standard Wing / Extreme Facemasks

The Airhole Wing / Extreme facemasks feature neoprene in the breathing zone to perform in the harshest winter environments. Featuring an ergonomic shape, super soft Velcro and laser cut ergo vents for breathability they come complete with an antibacterial finish. Designed to provide the ultimate protection for your face in wild winter weather.

Wing Mask 1Wing Mask 2Wing Mask 3