The Absolute Guide to Capita Snowboard Camber Profiles

Here you will find technical explanations and diagrams of the different camber profiles offered by Capita snowboards enabling you to understand the different features and benefits so you can pick a board perfect for your style of riding.

Flat Kicks Tech

With Capita's FLAT KICK design technology, Capita has tightened the tip profile radius that blends the shoulders of the board into the tip and tail height on their reverse camber boards. The tight tip radius with the tuned blend zones allows you to have a forgiving and easy to ride reverse camber board that is still responsive and quick during edge-to-edge transitions. This also creates a flat tip and tail which increases jibbing stability and also helps the board glide on top of powder creating float and control.

Freestyle FK

Capita Freestyle Camber Profile

The Capita Freestyle FK camber profile is flat between the feet and bindings with reverse camber leading up to the flat nose and tail. This Camber profile is great for jibbing in the park providing a easy riding board with Flat Kicks for added pop.

Freeride FK

Capita Freeride Camber Profile

The Capita Freeride FK camber profile has positive camber between the feet and reverse camber towards the nose and tail. This type of camber profile is perfect for riding all terrains. With the positive camber between the feet for high speed control and the reverse camber at either end lifting the nose and tail for great float in powder. The Flat Kicks at the nose and tail will add that extra pop and stability when pressing.


Capita Traditional Camber Profile

The Capita Traditional camber profile has positive camber throughout the board lifting up for the nose and tail. This traditional camber profile has excellent edge hold at high speeds and has a longer effective edge compared to reverse camber boards. Pop will be improved greatly with this type of camber.

New Age

Capita New Age Camber Profile

The Capita New Age camber profile is a tweaked version of the traditional profile. The small zero camber sections provide a more controlled ride while retaining the response and power of a cambered board.

Urban FK

Capita Urban Camber Profile

The Capita Urban FK camber profile has a short flat base between the bindings and reverse camber to Flat Kicks tips on the nose and tail. This type of camber profile is perfect for park and jib riding the dual reverse camber is pre positioned to make pressing a dream while offering quick and easy turn initiations.

Mountain FK

Capita Mountain Camber Profile

The Capita Mountain FK has a mid body positive camber just past the inserts with a flat tail and a reverse cambered nose. This allows for tons of pop and stability while increasing float and landing power. Flat Kicks will also improve performance in deep pow.

Mountain V2 FK

Capita Mountain V2 Camber Profile

The Capita Mountain V2 profile design features mid-body camber with a flat tail and a reverse cambered nose. This allows for tons of pop and stability on hard pack while increasing float and landing power, improving the rider’s performance in deep snow. The camber runs longer in the tail providing extra power for the larger riders drawn to a dedicated wide series.  Flat Kicks will also improve performance in deep pow.

Mountain V3

Capita Mountain V3 Camber Profile

The Capita Mountain V3 profile features lower-body camber with a reverse cambered nose. This allows for maximum turning power while increasing float and landing stability. The camber runs deep into the tail providing enhanced performance for this freestyle powder series.

Hybrid FK

Capita Hybrid Camber Profile

The Capita Hybrid FK takes full advantage of the benefits of traditional camber, zero camber, and reverse camber. This next generation design allows you to get the pop and response of a cambered board with all the predictability and easy turn initiation of zero camber or reverse camber shapes. The Flat Kicks will help improve float and turn initiations to create the ultimate all-in-one board.

Micro Reverse

Capita Micro Reverse Camber Profile

The Capita Micro Reverse camber profile has a flat base with dual reverse camber. This type of camber is specially designed for the kids with an easy to ride profile that comes alive in the park. Pre positioned reverse camber allows for effortless pressing and will help kids turn easily without any discomfort.

Party FK

Capita Party Camber Profile

The Capita Party FK camber profile features an easy to ride zero camber midsection with a kinked flat kick nose and a chilled out mellow tail. This allows the nose to rise above slush, pow, or chunder as you lay care-free carves on your way down the hill.

Powder FK

Capita Powder Camber Profile

The Capita Powder FK uses a reverse camber allowing your nose to float above the snowline with Flat Kicks to further improve float, while zero camber retains power throughout the tail to stomp landings and slash the hell out of everything.

Surf Rocker

Capita Surf Rocker Camber Profile

The Capita Surf Rocker camber profile features a continuous arching tip and tail inspired by the modern design of many of today’s best surfboards: flat through the inserts with smooth arching tip and tails. The gentle low angle allows for maximum float and control.

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