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The Absolute Guide to Crampon Aftercare

Crampon Maintenance Image

How to Look After Crampons

Through proper care crampons should be capable of performing for many years and many seasons without issue.

Storage: It is highly recommended to invest in a crampon storage bag or sleeve. Not only will the sleeve protect the crampons themselves; your other gear such as ropes or harnesses will also be protected from the sharp points of crampons if they are all thrown into a bag together. Please follow the link to see our range of protective Crampon Bags.

Further protection is recommended through the use of a crampon crown.  A lightweight ring of plastic/rubber coverings that keep the sharp points from contact with other items during storage and transit.  Please follow the link to see our range of protective Crampon Crowns.

Crampons should be cleaned and dried before long-term storage.  A light coating of oil will go a long way in adding a layer of additional protection. Store in a cool, dry environment to prevent the spread of rust.  Store away from direct sunlight to prevent harmful UV rays from damaging non-metallic components such as heel throws and toe cradles.  

Sharpening: A crampon's 'bite' will inevitably dull with use.  Due to the nature of metal warping, it is advised that crampons should be sharpened by hand with a file, they should not be sharpened with a grinder. Sharpening should only occur once the point tips have become significantly rounded over.

Flex bar flipping: Due to over-pronation or under-pronation from the user's natural stride, one side of your crampon's points may wear down at a faster rate than the other. After prolonged use throughout a season the left and right flex bars can be swapped over to even up the erosion of the points, thus increasing the crampon lifespan.