The Absolute Guide to Endeavor Snowboard's Technology

Here at Absolute-Snow we love Endeavour snowboards because they are packed full of high tech features without it being reflected in the price. You get a high end board for a mid market price! Plus, much of the tech is extremely innovative, has huge rider benefits and is unique to Endeavor. Endeavor is our little secret!

Seamless Sidewalls Endeavor Seamless Sidewalls

ISPO Gold Award Winner, The Seamless Sidewall is a revolution in snowboard design. Constructed from Urethane which is much more durable, malleable and tougher than ABS, the sidewall absorbs vibration to reduce fatigue on your legs so you can ride longer. It is also incredibly impact resistant, and where ABS sidewalls may deform or crack, Urethane comfortably absorbs heavy impacts from rocks or rails.

Endeavor have fused a seamless sidewall directly to the wood core improving the bonding cohesion, reducing the risk of delamination and alleviates weak points along the sidewall. This also gives the board a more natural flex resulting in the strongest and smoothest riding boards Endeavor has ever produced.

Seamless Sidewall Technology



Raised Contact Points Endeavor Raised Contact Points

Raised contact points create a looser and much more playful and forgiving ride that locks in solid when you engage your edge in a turn. Great in pow, soft snow, park or anywhere else you take your board - Raised contact points make for a incredibly versatile board.

Raised Contact Points


Endeavor Biaxial Layup Endeavor Biaxial Fibreglass

Fibreglass is layered in two directions, increasing strength torsionally. This gives the board a smooth consistent flex that feels great whilst being forgiving and durable as well.

Biaxial Fibreglass Layup

Carbon Inserts Endeavor Carbon Inserts

Carbon inserts added to the snowboard's layup add lots of pop to the board and gives a more responsive ride with the carbon helping to drive more energy into turns. 

Endeavor Board Construction

Kevlar Inserts Endeavor Kevlar

This super light fibre is 5 times stronger than steel and improves the overall strength of the board whilst enhancing durability too. Kevlar also helps improve stability by reducing chatter (vibration) when riding and helps to reduce the overall weight.

Endeavor Board Technology

Lightest Core Endeavor Lightest Wood Core

Upgraded from the full wood core, the lightest core weighs 15% less than the standard wood core making the board much lighter and more responsive when riding.

Endeavor Board Technology

Full Wood Core Endeavor Full Wood Core

The advantages of a full wood core are almost endless. Endeavor use a vertically laminated wood core as it's the lightest and most durable core profile available, plus it gives a nice smooth flex and great pop. The full wood core is also incredibly durable - especially when combined with Endeavor's seamless sidewalls!

Endeavor Wood Core Profile

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