The Absolute Guide to Flow Snowboard Camber Profiles

Here you will find information and diagrams on the different camber profiles offered by Flow snowboards.

EZ Flatrock

The Flow EZ Flatrock has a flat section that extends from each end of the inserts, while reverse camber sections at the nose and tail lift the edges up. This camber profile will work great for jibbing and have a easy catch free feeling when riding around the mountain.

EZ Rock

The Flow EZ Rock camber profile has a reverse camber section between the inserts and positive camber under the feet. This camber profile gives good float in powder and a buttery feeling in the park while giving added pop from the positive camber sections. All mountian destroying profile.

I Rock

The Flow I Rock Camber profile has a slightly higher reverse camber section in the middle of the board compared to the EZ rock, positive cmaber sections towards the nose and tail give the board a poppy stable platform when riding the park. This camber will have a loose feeling when riding the mountain while maintaing edge control when you need it.


 The Flow Popcam Camber profile has a flat section between the inserts leading to a positive camber section at the nose and tail, This is a take on the traditional camber profile which allows for a long effective edge and massive amounts of pop, the flat section in the middle will give the board extra stability when on rails and boxes.


The Flow Powcam camber profile is a powder orientated shape with a setback flat section and a long positive cambered nose, a smaller section of reverse camber is added into the nose to keep it up in the powder. At the back a section of positive camber will help the board snap out of turns and pop in the powder. All mountain but definatly prefers the powdery runs.


The Flow Powrock camber profile has a almost flat base with mellow positive and reverse camber, Aimed to give better float in powder while subtle cambers add in pop and stability and a hint of playful fun in the center.

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