The Absolute Guide to Jones Snowboard Camber Profiles

Here you will find information and diagrams on the different camber profiles offered by Jones snowboards.


Jones Camrock Profile

Great all round profile which has the responsiveness of a camber board and the fun of a reverse camber board. Watch it come to life when there’s a bit of snow on the ground as you get all the performance from a camber but float at the tip and tail. Perfect all mountain profile with plenty of float and pop.

Directional Rocker

Jones Directional Rocker Profile

With camber between the feet and more rocker in the nose than in the tail, the directional rocker profile enhances float in powder and improves manoeuvrability whilst camber underfoot provides edge hold and response. Rocker in the tail maintains the power and stability of a traditional board whilst improving turn initiation and switch riding performance.

Christenson Surf Rocker

Jones Christenson Surf Rocker Profile

A custom profile designed and shaped by legendary surf shaper Chris Christenson, the rocker in the nose starts just before the front set of inserts with a little rocker in the tail. With weight over the tail, this profile allows the boards nose to float and surf deep powder, no matter how deep the snow gets.

3D Power

Jones 3D Power Camber Profile

Based on a traditional camber profile with bevelled (raised) contact points to promote the amazing response and edge hold of camber whilst reducing hang ups. The profile of the board tapers to flat just before the nose and tail to give the board a stable and less catchy feel.

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