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The Absolute Guide to Ski & Snowboard Goggle Aftercare

Ski and snowboard goggles are one of the most important parts of your winter outfit and we want you to get the most out of them. They are a very technical piece of gear and they can last you season after season if they are cared for in the right way - prevention is better than the cure. The lenses are precious, much like sunglasses lenses, so we have some simple advice to make the most out of your goggles and your lenses. We highly recommend following this aftercare guide, as scratched lenses and disintegrated foam are not covered under the Manufacturer's Warranty unfortunately. 

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Allow goggles to dry completely before putting them into storage

We'd recommend leaving your goggles out in the evening after a day of skiing or snowboarding and then also for a day or so after you get back from your trip, to allow the foam around your goggles to fully dry out - we also recommend wiping any watermarks or finger prints off at this point with your soft goggle case, as no harm will come to the outside of your lenses whilst they are dry. It is best to let them dry out at room temperature - anything warmer may melt the thermoplastics in the frame. Once it is completely dry, it will be fine to be packed away for months and no harm will come to it.

If the foam around your goggles isn't completely dry before going into storage, the damp will slowly eat away at the foam over time, meaning it will disintegrate in front of your eyes next time you take it out of the bag!

Do not wipe the inside of your lens

The inside of ski/snowboard goggle lenses are treated with an anti fog coating. If this is wiped away, you will find your goggles will steam up annoyingly easily! This means that if you have a big fall and snow gets on the inside of your goggle, do not wipe it away, as not only will it remove the anti fog treatment, also the snow may have small grit in it and cause scratches. Shake out your goggles and tap them against your hand to remove most of the loose snow that might be inside.

If you have made the error of wiping away the anti fog treatment, not to worry, it's not the end of your lens! We, and most good snowboard and ski shops, sell anti fog cloths. A quick wipe of these on the lens will partially restore it's anti fog treatment.

Do not wipe snow or ice off of the outside of your lens

If you have any non liquid moisture - snow or ice - on your lens and it is wiped away by your glove or hands, you run the risk in removing the mirror finish on your lens which sadly will permanently scar your lens. There is no fix for this unfortunately and your goggle lens will be compromised for the rest of it's life.

Try to change your lenses as little as possible

Every time your lens is taken in and out of the goggle, the foam seal between the 2 pieces of plastic that make up the front and back of your lens is slightly compromised. This means that a lot of forceful changing will expose the inside of your lenses to the outside world, causing them to fog up easily. There is no cure for this unfortunately and it will compromise your lenses irreversibly.

The best way to change your lenses is in a controlled environment (indoors) and as gently as possible.


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