The Absolute Guide to the Snowboard Leash

A snowboard leash is a bit of kit which keeps your snowboard attached to your leg at all times. Snowboard leashes come in a wide variety of sizes, colours and shapes but they are all designed with the same objective in mind: preventing your snowboard from racing down the mountain without you on it! You can easily lose your board in deep power, in a tree well, or it could race off the edge of a cliff! Even Usain Bolt couldn't catch a runaway snowboard. Worse than this you could also end up seriously injuring someone.  The use of a snowboard leash is compulsory in some ski and snowboard resorts.

Demon, Dakine and Bakoda are 3 of the biggest brand names in snowboard leashes but there are plenty of others to choose from. Most leashes are designed to attach to your snowboard binding at one end and either your snowboard boot or around your ankle at the other end. They work in a similar way to a surfboard leash so you and your kit stay together at all times.