Neck & Face Protection

The Science Behind The Hole In An Airhole

It's not just a hole, it's an Airhole!

A simple idea with MASSIVE benefits if you snowboard or ski. Normal chubes, facemasks and balaclavas do not have an air hole to vent away your breath.  This can cause your googles or glasses to steam up as your warm moist breath becomes trapped, rises and then condenses on your lens(es).  Worse still, in severe conditions, your breath's moisture can condense on your face - making you colder, not warmer.  A simple air hole is the solution, enabling your breath to be vented away, thereby dramatically reducing the probability of steaming up and fogging.

Hole 1A silicone air hole is found on the majority of Airhole facemasks, Airtubes and balaclavas. The edges of the breath hole are sealed via the application of liquid silicone directly onto the fabric to an exacting specification.  The silicon air hole is sterile, easy to locate when wearing and never freezes.
Hole 2A welded air hole is a technological advancement in simplicity and is used on single layer or bonded fabrics.  For the wearer, it is simple, clean and user friendly.
hole 3Airhole embroiders the air holes into cashmere and marino masks, Airtubes and balaclavas.  Maximum thread count is used to enhance the look and maintain the shape.
Hole 4In addition to a silicone hole, laser cut ergo vents feature on facemasks with neoprene protection around the mouth and nose areas enhancing breathability and theses masks also come with an antibacterial finish.


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