Neck & Face Protection

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need an Airhole

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If you snowboard or ski you should get yourself an Airhole because:

  1. Up to 50% of body heat is lost when the head and face are exposed to the elements.
  2. Wearing an Airhole helps to retain heat, provide better blood circulation and keep the wearer warmer.
  3. Excess heat due to vigorous exercise can escape through Airhole’s breathable fabrics – as well as the air hole itself.
  4. Goggles fog when warm moist air is trapped but the signature Airhole allows hot breath to escape, reducing the risk of steaming up. 
  5. No more fogged goggles on powder days.
  6. Airhole’s ergonomic shapes are designed to fit the face perfectly. 
  7. The fit allows for goggles and minimises exposed bare skin protecting you from the elements.
  8. The signature Airhole is featured in all Airhole facemasks, Airtubes and balaclavas. 
  9. The Airhole allows the wearer to breathe freely, avoiding condensation that causes a cold wet face.
  10. Airholes are designed to protect the neck and face and to prevent heat loss to critical areas at critical times

Stay Warm, Ride Longer, Drink More!

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