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Wakeboard Boat Ballast Bags Buying Guide

How much weight can I put in my boat?
Each boat is different, please follow the United States Coast Guard rating for your boat to be safe. The general rule is that having 60-70% of the weight in the back and 30-40% in the front will produce the ideal wake shape for most boats.

How do I fill and drain my Big Bag or Sumo Sac ballast bags?

To fill your Big Bag or Sumo Sac, connect the end of the hose to your bag via the quick connect Link system by inserting the hose and doing a quarter turn clockwise. Position bag to desired location in boat and place the pump in the water making sure pump is and stays fully submerged. Plug in the pump to the 12V power source, water should now be flowing into the bag. Continually adjust and reposition bag as needed, DO NOT LEAVE FILLING BAGS UNATTENDED! Bags are full when most of the wrinkles are out of the material and bag is firm to the touch. You may need to purge air or “burp” the bag with the valve on the opposite end. Unplug the pump from power source and then remove the hose from the bags valve. Store pump out of the way.

To empty your ballast bags, connect the pump directly to the valve on the bag and place the hose end overboard. Plug in the pump and water should be flowing out of the bag now. Continually adjust and reposition pump head so that it keeps sucking water out of the bag. DO NOT let the pump run dry for more than a few seconds at a time, you may burn up the impeller which is NOT covered under warranty. Once the bag is drained all the way, unplug the pump, coil and store it safely out of the way.  Big Bags/Sumo Sacs should be allowed to dry before being stored for extended periods of time.

Additionally, the Sumo Sac and Big Bag product line offer multiple 1” NPT plugged fittings. These fittings can be used to plumb these bags in to your boats existing ballast system, or used as a permanent ballast system on boats that did not come with factory ballast. Consult your boat manufacturer for weight limits. We sell various adapters to help with installation.

How does the Link system work?
The Link system is designed to be a water and air tight system that will quickly connect the Uber pump and Sumo valve on the bag. The valve on the bag is spring loaded so that the pump opens the valve for quicker and cleaner filling and draining than other bags on the market. When you remove the Uber pump, the valve self seals itself and prevents water from shooting out of the bag like before. Check out the videos on this site, showing you how easily this system works. We also make adapters so that other manufacturers pumps work on the Link system.

Can you hook up the Uber/Sumo pump to the inboard ballast system?
This is not available as a complete set from Launch Pad. However, the Uber/Sumo pump is similar to inboard bilge pumps, so yes it could be converted with a trip to your local hardware store.

Where to fit the ballast in the wakeboard boat?