Water Ski

Waterski Gloves Buying Guide


It is normal for the neoprene and Amara materials to expand and stretch when wet and then contract when dry. Keeping this in mind, the glove should fit 'mildly snug' in the palm, fingertips and in-between fingers in the store, understanding that they will expand some when in use. Optimally, look for a size that fits comfortably across the back of your hand and where the fingertips are at the end, but not maxed out. Different materials will fit differently, so it's best to try on a few different pairs to find the glove that fits your particular hand the best.


  • These are specialist wakeboard or Waterski gloves, they will feel very snug when you first put them on - this is correct, when they get wet they will loosen slightly.
  • If you are buying these gloves for other watersports - PWC, Jet Ski or Kite Surfing - go up one size as you will not need the super snug fitting.
  • Measure your hand at the widest point, just above the knuckles.
  • Print a MEASURING TAPE  NB 1. The page will load slowly because it is a pdf. NB 2. Just before you confirm the 'print' instruction, please make sure the 'page scaling' on your printer settings is set to 'None'
  • Unisex sizes are based on men's hands. If you take a small men's jacket, small gloves should fit fine. If you take a small women's jacket, go for XS unisex golves