What's New for Winter 2021: Ski Gear Highlights

From new carving shapes, to exclusive pro models, and entire ranges being completely redesigned, winter 2020/2021 has lots of new ski equipment to get you excited. With skis designed to perform in all conditions and brands continuing to push lightweight construction to the next level, there are some awesome new Dynastar skis, new Full Tilt ski boots and new Marker ski bindings. Everything is covered this winter, from downhill performance, to classic touring models and free ride skiing. Winter 2020/2021 is shaping to be a season unlike any other, so it’s time to preview some new ski gear and get planning your next ski trip.

2020/2021 Dynastar Skis

For 2020/2021, Dynastar have completely done away with the Dynastar Legend series and replaced it with the all new Dynastar M-Free and Dynastar M-Pro lines. These new skis feature a new patented technology, a Hybrid Core that’s built into each new line of skis. This Hybrid Core blends traditional wood cores with PU, a lightweight dampening material. It works with the traditional core to deliver a smooth and refined feel on snow. The M-Free skis, at waist widths of 118mm and 108mm, have been designed to be the perfect powder riding and freeride skis. The Dynastar M-Pro skis, at widths from 84mm to 105mm, are constructed with metal and feature a more classic directional shape. These skis have been redesigned and are not oversized or heavy. Instead, they are adaptable, exceptionally strong whilst still being extremely lightweight. The women’s editions of the Dynastar M-Pro skis come in three waist widths: 99mm, 90mm, and 84mm.

Returning for the winter 2020/2021 season, a best seller, the Dynastar Speed Zone 4x4 skis. Designed to offer ultimate performance and grip on even the hardest snow conditions, Dynastar’s Speed Zone skis utilise reinforced zones to drive energy of the center towards the tips to create a softer, lighter and robust feel to your movements on the snow.

In our opinion, if Dynastar wasn’t an option for you last season, then for 2020/2021 it should be!

New & Noteworthy From Dynastar For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Dalbello Ski Boots

For 2020/2021, Dalbello continues to push further into the lightweight ski touring boot range. Previous season’s favourite, the Lupo Air 130 has now been joined by the all new Dalbello Quantum line. Weighing an incredibly light 950g, the Dalbello Quantum is built with a carbon fiber infused Nylon shell, a quick lace lower liner, a full Vibram rubber sole and a huge 65° ROM. These features are innovative and push the boundaries for any touring ski boot let alone one that promises a stout flex and solid power transmission.

Other new items in the Dalbello range for winter 2020/2021 include the Dalbello Asolo factory ski boots. Designed with a full grilamid shell that offers you a powerful feel whilst being super lightweight, the 98mm last will give you a closer fit than the standard ski boot. Also featuring Dalbello’s own Pro Asolo Liners that will add comfort and a firm hold whilst out on the mountain. After some major updates in winter 2019/2020, Dalbello’s freeride ski boots that are returning for this winter remain unchanged except for the exciting new colours .

New & Noteworthy From Dalbello For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Armada Skis

For the 2020/2021 winter season, Armada have planned some big updates to some of their best selling freeride and freestyle skis, including the all new Declivity series.

With brand new skis for 2020/2021, the Armada Declivity X, 102 Ti, 92 Ti, and 82 Ti have been designed to provide that all-mountain performance that fans of Armada know so well, a ski that can do it all. Armada have made sure their renowned playfulness is still at the heart of the skis design, with tips that initiate easy turns combined with stability underfoot. Once again, Armada skis have taken all-mountain performance equipment to the next level.

The Armada Declivity 102 Ti and 92 Ti skis have a lightweight caruba core, triaxial glass, and articulated titanal banding that provides skiers with the perfect all mountain ski. To break it down, the articulated titanal banding is metal that runs through the skis. The titanal layers have vertical cut-outs at the tips, making turns more fluid while still providing drive for skiing in all conditions.

One ski that also deserves a mention is the all new Armada Whitewalker that has been designed with help from professional skier, Sammy Carlson. This model has been designed to be the preferred ski for throwing round the backcountry and charging down the biggest lines. There's no better tool to take your favorite stunts into a deep snow setting than the all-new 2021 Armada Whitewalker.

New & Noteworthy From Armada For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Full Tilt Ski Boots

Full Tilt are making a big statement in the 2020/2021 winter season with a range of ski boots ready to take on the mountain. Not the first time we get to mention pro skier, Sammy Carlson, but this winter is looking like Sammy's year to shine. Not only a Sammy Carlson pro model ski, there’s also a new Sammy Carlson pro model ski boot courtesy of the guys at Full Tilt. The Ascendant Sammy Carlson is an adaptation of the Full Tilt Ascendant. It features a Intuition pro wrap liner, a cinch power strap, and a wider 102mm last. The Ascendant SC ski boot has a PU shell for high performance and durability. It has been updated with a new Pro Tour Tongue Intuition liner for a better experience on snow, and a full Grilamid shell, making this ski boot the perfect amount of balance between lightweight and high performance.

Another new ski boot for this year, the Full Tilt First Chair gets the new Pro-Tongue Intuition Liner and for the 2020/2021 winter season, all models get a slightly stiffer flex. Not forgetting the Full Tilt Descendant ski boot is back for another season. The skiers favorite boot has all the same features as before whilst being durable, comfortable, and responsive. The Descendant has a fluid flex with a higher volume fit, designed to keep you riding for longer.

Full Tilt have ticked all the boxes for the 2020/2021 winter season by adding an entry level ski boot called the Kicker. Designed with the price point in mind, The Full Tilt Kicker is still highly versatile and is able to go from park laps to big lines, or can handle just cruising around the resort or the indoor snowdome. The softer 4 flex (70) rating tongue makes it ideal for lighter riders or beginner/intermediate riders looking to progress further in a freestyle discipline.

And one last thing, all Full Tilt boots now come with “normal” flex ratings. Gone are the days of comparing to different brands whilst understanding their individual 1-10 flex numbering system.

New & Noteworthy From Full Tilt For 2020/2021:

2020/201 Black Crows Skis

The 2020/2021 Black Crows ski range combine some of the greatest features of previous models to create a range that will be hard to beat. With similar artwork from the 2019/2020 winter season, Black Crows have added a splash of colour that reminds us of the past. Black Crows skis have added a brand new 100mm width ski: The Justis which is aimed at those all mountain skiers that just want a little bit more push when riding. The Justis replaces the old Black Crow Daemon and Black Crows Navis and combines the best tech from both. The H-shaped 3D titanal plus tip rocker and early rise tails with camber underfoot, the Black Crows Justis is the ski you didn’t know you were looking for.

This truly independent brand has returning favourites for winter 2020/2021. Most notably, the Black Crows Atris skis. The men’s and women’s Black Crows Atris is the ultimate freeride model. This ski provides improved stability at high speed, whilst still retaining its renowned playfulness and handling. By extending the radius and by softening the flex, Black Crows have definitely succeeded in creating a ski that feels comfortable at all speeds and is as rewarding as it is comforting.

New & Noteworthy From Black Crows For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Salomon Skis and Ski Boots

Salomon have been one of the most loved ski brands for decades. Known most recently for being at the forefront of technology, they released the Salomon Shift binding two seasons ago that most skiers called game changing as it was the first of its kind of shift changing bindings for uphill and downhill skiing.

For Winter 2020/2021, Salomon aren’t slowing down, introducing the Stance series skis. These all-mountain skis are more directional than previous other models and feature two metal laminates, carbon flax, and newly updated rocker profiles. The Salomon Stance skis have been designed to give a more traditional all-mountain feel that also offers high performance riding. The Salomon Stance comes in both mens and womens models and sees the brand exploring a more all round directional style.

New for winter 2020/2021 is the Salomon Shift Pro ski boot. This ski boot has been designed for this winter as an eye catching, perfect all round option for piste skiing and alpine touring. What's great about the Salomon Shift Pro ski boot is it comes in varied stiffness, all the options have tech inserts and it's super lightweight. But that's not all, there’s another new ski boot and something to get pumped about, The Salomon S/Pro HV. With Salomon’s reputation for having narrow fitting boots, the Salomon S/Pro HV has been made to be a wider fitting version of the original Salomon S/Pro ski boot, meaning you’ll be seeing a lot more Salomon ski boots on the mountain this winter.

New & Noteworthy From Salomon For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Marker Ski Bindings

The latest news from Marker for winter 2020/201 is the new Marker Duke PT ski touring bindings. This ski binding has been designed to act as a challenger to the Salomon Shift ski binding and promises ultimate downhill performance with pin technology for the uphill. When using skins, the toe piece is flipped forward or removed to show the tech pins. Removing the toe piece takes 300g from each foot, making this super lightweight and easy to transport. The bottom line is, whether you are going uphill or downhill, the Marker Duke PT ski binding is lightweight but still high performing, no matter what the conditions are.

New & Noteworthy From Marker For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Rossignol Skis

2020/2021 sees a significant change in the look of Rossignol skis to previous years. Brand new for this winter, an expanded Black Ops ski range is set to storm the mountain. Rossignol have added the Black Ops Gamer, Black Ops Holyshred and the Black Ops Sender to their collection. All of the Rossignol Black Ops ski range still have the go-hard-riding freestyle shapes which skiers know and love from past winters.

The new 2020/2021 Rossignol Blackops Sender, with its 104mm waist, gets some major design upgrades. The Sender has a more mellow rocker profile, a new tip shape, flatter tails, and a longer turn radius. All this adds stability even for the more advanced rider. Rossignol have also added the Sender Ti with added metal for stiffness and stability, paired with the longer 17 meter turn radius this should be a fun mid range option for skiers that like to go at speed whilst on the mountain. One more thing that is worth noting, across the whole Rossignol Blackops line, the air tip has been shortened in the tip, to reduce the draggy feel, and the air core has been removed from the tails for more power and stability.

New & Noteworthy From Rossignol For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 K2 Skis and Ski Boots

Last winter we saw K2 release their all mountain Mindbender ski series, for the 2020/2021 season they have focussed on freestyle and freeride skis.The all new K2 Reckoner series has replaced last seasons Marksman and the Catamaran. The K2 Reckoner series features asymmetrical shapes that have been heavily influenced by traditional ski shapes but have more stiffness whilst still being forgiving and playful.

Another new addition for the K2 2020/2021 range is the K2 Disruption range. Designed for that intermediate skier who wants something to progress on, the K2 Disruption ski is a piste performing all-mountain ski. Thi ski also features K2's new dark matter dampening technology for improved edge grip and control when riding on piste.

For K2’s 2020/2021 ski boots, the brand has not only given riders a new ski, but a boot to match in the name of the K2 Mindbender range. With a 130 flex and a downhill-oriented PowerLite Shell, the K2 Mindbender ski boots definitely look the part. With a lightweight design, these freeride boots have a modern look about them and offer up technology that screams 2021! The K2 Mindbender Ski Range, which caters to all ski abilities and covers all terrains, has been applied to the Mindbender boot range, there’s something for everyone!

New & Noteworthy From K2 For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Volkl Skis

For 2020/2021 Volkl have added some new additions to their ever increasing range of skis. Notably is the Volkl Blaze series. Coming in both mens and womens sizes, the Volkl Blazes are directional freeride skis that have been designed to make sure the rider is equipped to ride in the backcountry or on piste. Featuring the same construction in both the mens and womens skis, the Volkl Blaze has been described as the perfect crossover ski, meaning that it will hold well on any terrain. The Volkl Blaze is built with hand-selected poplar and is superior in being lightweight.

A classic ski returning for winter 2020/2021 is the Volkl Mantra ski. Keeping that rider who likes to charge hard in mind, the Volkl Mantra Skis have the look of a traditional shape but a versatile 96 mm underfoot width. It's the perfect go-to ski for any advanced rider that wants a ski that tackles any terrain in any condition.

One other series in the Volkl collection that needs a mention - The Volkl Revolt series. These skis are designed with a mid-wide option, taking inspiration from powder riding skis but also the fun side of hitting the park. The Volkl Revolt really is a ski that can do it all. And when you look at the artwork, you’ll be replacing your old skis for these in no time!

New & Noteworthy From Volkl For 2020/2021:

2020/2021 Faction Skis

Faction skis are making some fairly big statements for winter 2020/2021. The Faction Prodigy series is going to have skiers talking this winter. Faction are streamlining the Prodigy range by using the same construction throughout. Previous season’s Faction Prodigy skis were all slightly different, but this year each ski carries the same construction, with Surf Zone tips and the elliptical radius, making each model just as fun to ride as the other.

The Faction Prodigy 1.0 and 2.0 remain the same in shape and design but have eye catching top sheet graphics. The main change to the Prodigy 3.0 and 4.0 is that they now contain the same elliptical radius and poplar core as the 1.0 and 2.0. With the added Surf Zone Tips inspired directly from the surf industry models, the Prodigy series are still fun, playful, and surfs powder with style and ease.

Returning for 2020/2021 is the Faction Agent ski. Designed as a touring ski, this model is lightweight for heading uphill but features high levels of performance when racing downhill. Much lighter and softer than previous Faction touring skis, the Faction Agent ski boasts superior control and edge handling while maintaining that level of fun we’ve all come to love about Faction.

New & Noteworthy From Faction For 2020/2021: