Goodr LFG Sunglasses
Goodr LFG Sunglasses
Goodr LFG Sunglasses
Goodr LFG Sunglasses
Goodr LFG Sunglasses

LFG Sunglasses

Goodr LFG Sunglasses Goodr LFG
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Stylish, high-performance and affordable shades, what more could you want? Oh, and the names will have you rolling!

About the Goodr LFG

Looking to level up your game? Look no further than the LFG sunglasses from Goodr.

These shades are not just for looking good; they're for looking friggin' fantastic! With sleek designs and innovative tech, you'll be turning heads wherever you go. These sunglasses aren't just about style though, they're packed with tech too. Featuring polarised lenses to keep the glare at bay and a lightweight, comfortable frame, they're perfect for all-day wear. Plus, with their no-slip grip, you can confidently rock them whether you're running, biking, or just lounging by the pool. And if all of that wasn't enough, they hone their 4th favourite F word; fun, fashionable, functional and 'ffordable! Well, almost!

Get ready to level up your look because The LFG's are ready for any adventure!

The Lowdown
  • Frame Shape: LFG
  • Frame Size: Fits a smaller face | 127 mm
  • Weight: 17g
  • Polarised: Yes
  • Protection: Glare-reducing, polarised lenses with UV400 protection block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • No slip
  • No bounce
  • Petite fit
Award-winning, slip-free polarised running & active sunglasses from goodr, for people who love awesome-looking sunglasses on their adventures.
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