Lib Tech Cortado Women's Hybrid Camber Snowboard

Cortado Women's Hybrid Camber Snowboard

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All mountain women's snowboard that perfectly balances freestyle and freeride.


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About the Lib Tech Cortado

The Lib Tech Cortado is a super fun women's all mountain snowboard designed to tear up the whole mountain with tricks, big air, precise turns and lightning speed. With awesome artwork by Ryder Biolos, this board not only rides like a bat out of hell, but looks the business too.

A hybrid C2 contour camber profile has been included which has been adapted from the award-winning C2 profile and provides a shorter, more aggressive rocker between the feet with a longer camber that sits more underfoot. This makes initiating turns easy and helps maintain float in powder. This profile also contains extra tip and tail pressure to enhance pop, stability and precision.

This profile combined with Lib Tech's innovative Magne-Traction edge technology, which has seven points of contact that act like a serrated knife, provides unrivalled hold and edge control. Lib Tech's most aggressive snowboard profile is perfectly complemented by the Magne-Traction and is ideal for traditionalists and riders looking for power and control.

Manufactured with Lib Tech's Aspen/Paulownia wood core ensures the Cortado is lightweight, strong and keeps its environmental impact to a minimum. A Tri/Bi-ax fibre construction creates strong and lively pop with good torsional flex, a Sintered base provides low maintenance and glide and Birch Internal sidewalls enhance pop and strength.

An environmentally friendly bioplastic top sheet has been used to keep the snowboard's environmental impact to a minimum. This also provides the highest strength to weight ratio of any top sheet in the industry. In addition, Eco Sublimated printing has been used to print the graphics, consisting of water-based ink rather than solvents adding to the snowboard's environmentally conscious construction.

The Cortado is an extraordinarily well-produced snowboard that holds a lot of energy and guarantees to put a smile on your face. If you're looking for a stick to take your freestyle game to the next level and into new terrain, this is the board for you.

Features Include
  • C2 - Hybrid Banana rocker and Camber profile, extra solid tip and tail pressure for power, pop, precision and total stability. Medium amount of pressure between your feet for carving, edge hold on ice and float in pow
  • Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax Fibreglass blend - A blend of Tri-Ax and Bi-Ax fibreglass at varying degrees of the board structure to enhance and magnify pop
  • Magne-Traction - Seven points of focused edge control to provide unreal edge hold and control in all conditions. By creating a serrated edge with 7 bumps you get more contact with the snow and more grip and control
  • Aspen/Paulownia wood core - Sustainably sourced ultra-lightweight, strong and lively wood core
  • UHMW Sidewalls - Ultra High Molecular Weight exterior sidewalls made from materials derived from soy for a bombproof construction
  • Eco Sublimated TNT Base - Extremely tough base material that hold wax well and provide excellent glide
  • Eco-Sub Topsheet - Fast and durable
  • UHMW Tip/Tail Impact Deflection - Ultra High Molecular Weight tip/tail protection made from materials derived from soy for a bombproof construction
  • Hand Crafted in the USA - Hand built by passionate board builders in USA. Each board comes with the individual makers mark of approval
The Lowdown
  • Rider Profile: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Mountain Profile: All Mountain Freestyle/Freeride
  • Camber Profile: C2 Rocker/Camber
  • Base: TNT Base
  • Flex: Medium/Firm
  • Condition:Brand New - Factory Waxed
Waist Width
Boot Size
Set Back
Rider Weight
Lib Tech is most famous for two of the technologies they introduced to the world of snowboarding:  banana shape snowboard profiles and Magne-traction edges. Together these revolutionized snowboarding back in the early part of this century but Lib has not rested on its laurels, constantly introducing fresh ideas and stunning graphics to all of its snowboards.
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