Manbi Chube 2 Microfleece Neck Tube

Chube 2 Microfleece Neck Tube

Manbi Chube 2 Microfleece Neck Tube Manbi Chube 2 Microfleece
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Keep your neck warm with the micro-fleece Chube 2 from Manbi. A double layer of soft fluffy fleece to keep you extra snug.

About the Manbi Chube 2 Microfleece

The Chube 2 from Manbi is made of two layers of soft micro-fleece, as a result it is incredibly comfortable, and super warm. This neck warmer can double up as a hat, balaclava, or a headband. For warmer temperatures the thinner Neck Chube will be fine, but for colder, windy conditions the extra layer of micro fleece in the Chube 2 will keep you fully protected.

The Chube 2 will stop icy winds getting to your skin on long chairs, or when you are hurtling down the piste.

Manbi - the original name in family skiing.  Manby is a family owned and run British company that specialises in providing all of the essential ski accessories you need for a family ski holiday at an affordable price.  Ski basics par excellence - as they say en France.
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