Absolute Comfort Guarantee

Absolute Comfort Guarantee

Why should you have your ski boots professionally fitted?

Ski boots come in all shapes and sizes and it can be daunting to choose from one brand or model to another. To help you choose the best possible boot we offer free one to one appointments with staff who are trained on the latest models and customisation techniques to guide you through the range and professionally fit them to your feet. We recommend you take a look at our Ski boot buying guide which explains the key elements to consider when buying your own boots.

Benefits of our Absolute Comfort Guarantee Bootfit  

● A full assessment to help you find the best fitting ski boots that we can offer

● Have one of our Expert Bootfitters guide you through the fitting process

● Our Absolute Comfort Guarantee lasts a total of 4 years

● Any boot modifications during the guarantee period are free of charge

● The choice between a free Absolute Snow boot bag or 10% off the RRP of any other boot bag

● 10% off the RRP of Custom footbeds

● A better overall fit improving comfort and responsiveness which will aid with progression

If you’re unable to meet the criteria for our Absolute Comfort Guarantee then we will still provide the same levels of service however we are unable to guarantee the fit. This means if you encounter problems with your ski boots after you’ve been skiing then you will not be entitled to the benefits of the Absolute Comfort Guarantee. However you will still be entitled to a free Absolute Snow boot bag or 10% off of RRP for any other boot bag with the purchase of your new ski boots.

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Criteria to qualify for an Absolute Comfort Guarantee

In order to guarantee your new ski boot to be comfortable we have some requirements that need to be met.

● The ski boots must be purchased from ourselves in store and approved by an Absolute Bootfitter. This allows us to correctly fit you into the boot we think would provide the best overall fit.

● Have a technical ski sock approved by an Absolute Bootfitter. If you already own ski socks then make sure to bring them with you as these may be suitable. However if you don’t we have a range of suitable ski socks selected by our Absolute Bootfitters to work alongside our Comfort Guarantee. You can refer to this selection here.

● A custom supportive footbed which we will make instore on the day. If you currently own a pair then bring them along as they may be suitable and can be approved at the discretion of an Absolute Bootfitter.

● We will require your signature on the bootfitting record agreement to make sure all information provided is correct.

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Our promise

In most cases a couple of small modifications can solve the majority of problems with uncomfortable ski boots. Therefore if you’re still experiencing discomfort within the first two years and have allowed us the sufficient amount of time to make the needed modifications then we won’t leave you high and dry. Providing the discomfort is not caused by the break down of materials caused by prolonged use, We are willing to let you exchange the boot for one within our range. if the new boot chosen is more expensive you will be expected to pay the difference and if it is cheaper we do not refund any of the cost.

If exchanging the boot isn’t a suitable option we also offer a partial refund on the boot and insole in the form of a credit note. The percentage will be no greater than 75%, this is determined by the condition of the boot and amount of use both of which is at our discretion. For any exchanges or returns a proof of purchase will be needed.

Free Boot modifications will last the full 4 years of your Absolute Comfort Guarantee.

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