Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson


Bio | “I am an action sports photographer based in the Lake District. 

I've been lucky enough to travel the world doing the work I love through the winter seasons. Shooting snowboarding is my main interest travelling all over Europe and up to Scandinavia shooting some of the best snowboarders in the UK.

Summer season is spent shooting and bouldering  around the Lakes with friends, adding a bit of hiking wild swimming and paddle boarding on the down days. 

Wakeboarding is another activity that occupies my summers. I try and get behind a boat as much as I can, and travel to the nearest full cable for weekend shreds, photographing as I travel around. 

My love for shooting action sports will never leave me! The people, the locations and the Stoke behind the shots will always keep me frothing for more!”

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A post shared by Craig (@craig___robinson) on Jun 11, 2020