Environmental Policy


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Operating within the snow sport industry, we acknowledge that we must take accountability to minimise the effects that we have on the natural environment and will co-operate with all regulatory authorities to guarantee compliance.

It is the declared course of action of Absolute Snow to lessen our environmental impact, and demonstrate our commitment through:

  • Reducing the amount of packaging used to distribute products;
  • Regularly analyse and review the environmental impact of all our activities, set objectives to reduce these impacts and create policies to ensure best practices are being met;
  • Educate and involve employees of sustainable practices and provide necessary training and education to ensure these practices are being abided by;
  • Use recyclable and renewable sources wherever possible;
  • Reduce the amount of waste produced ;
  • Work with suppliers to ensure environmentally friendly practices are being adhered to all across the supply chain;

The company will foster environmentally sound practices for all employees to understand and adhere by. Ongoing examination of the organisations footprint will be undertaken to ensure goals and objectives are being met, and improvement on these findings will be continuous.

This policy will be made publicly available to exhibit environmental objectives and performances, and will be reported on regular intervals.