Free Return

To return goods free of charge please:

1)    Ensure you have received authorisation to do so.  
This will have been sent to you by email by our Customer Service Team.

2)    Attach our Absolute-Snow address label to the outside of your parcel.
We sent you a link to this label in the same email.

3)    Choose your preferred return delivery service and also attach their label to your parcel
You will therefore need to attach two address labels to your parcel

In Store

In Store

Return your goods in person to our Watford Shop.

Goods must be in a sealed box or bag with your order reference number clearly marked on the outside. 

Inside, please include a print out of your order or, if you do not have a printer, a clearly written note including your order reference number.



Royal Mail

Royal Mail

Maximum 20kg and 61cm x 46cm x 46cm

Over 11,500 Post Office locations

Open 7 days a week, early until late

Book Online or at your local Post Office.



In Post

InPost 24/7 Lockers

Maximum 15kg and 64cm x 38cm x 38cm

Over 1,100 locations

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Book Online then drop at your nearest locker.

Please use Collect Plus if InPost is unavailable in your area 




Collect Plus

Collect Plus

Collect Plus

Maximum 10kg and 50cm x 30cm x 30cm

Over 7,000 locations

Open 7 days a week, early until late

Book Online then drop at your nearest convenience store.





Large Parcels

Parcel Force Worldwide

Parcel Force

For oversized parcels, too big for other carriers, please use Parcel Force.

Maximum weight 30kg, length 2.5m

Drop off at any Post Office.

Contact us for a pre-paid postage label.




International Returns

We do not have a free returns service for our international customers so, instead, please use your local post office or a local courier. Please send a copy of your receipt so we can reimburse the expense for you. 

If returning goods from outside of the EU, you must attach to the outside of your parcel a completed CN22 label.  Please CLICK HERE to print one. The CN22 must be completed as shown below. Brown - You must tick this box.  Red must say "Returned items, no commercial value" followed by a list of what you are returning. Blue = the parcel weight. Green must say "0". Purple = date and your signature. Failure to comply could result in your parcel not being delivered or in customs charges being re-charged to you.