FREE Ski Boot Fitting Service

With The Absolute Comfort Guarantee

Ski Boot Comfort

With The Absolute Comfort Guarantee

Ski boots are widely regarded as the most critical component of your ski equipment set up. A comfortable well fitted ski boot can be the difference between you having a fantastic ski holiday and you limping back to the ski chalet early with painful feet.  Not only do well fitted ski boots allow you to spend more time on the snow, they also allow you to gain far greater control over your skis, enabling your technique to improve much more quickly.  Absolute-Snow offer FREE ski boot fitting.  Book your Boot Fitting Appointment at our Ski Shop to ensure the perfect fit. Address  Opening Hours.


The Ski Boot Fitting Process

Before Arriving To Your Appointment

● Please allow 2 hours 

● If you have your old ski boots, please bring them along so we can assess how well they fit and examine any issues arising.

● If you already own Ski Socks or Custom Insoles bring these with you or buy in-store.


Our Step By Step Custom Fit Process

● Foot assessment and analysis

● 3D foot and pressure distribution scanning 

● Suitable ski boot selection 

● Custom Insoles bespoke to your foot shape and the selected ski boot

● Ski boot shell and Liner customisation


The Absolute Comfort Guarantee

● Lasts 5 years from the date of purchase.

● Entitles you to free modifications to the fit of your boots during the guarantee period.

Terms & Conditions

You must:

● Participate in all aspects of the Absolute-Snow ski boot fitting process.

● Buy your boots in-store from Absolute-Snow.

● Buy one of the pairs recommended by the Absolute-Snow ski boot technician.

● If recommended by the Absolute-Snow ski boot technician, buy a pair of custom made insoles.

● Wear ski socks approved by the Absolute-Snow ski boot technician.

Additional Help & Advice

Tick  Read our Ski Boot Buying Guide.

Tick  Browse our Advice Centre for more buying guides.

Tick  Email any time. 

Tick  Phone during normal Shop Hours

Tick  Visit our Ski ShopAddress