Isaac Kenyon

Isaac Kenyon

Nickname | Mr.Enthusiasm


Bio | “Philanthropic British adventurer and professional geoscientist. Isaac had a vision that began at Royal Holloway University of London. It was to make a positive difference to the people around him and found that portal through something close to his heart ‘challenge’. He joined and led numerous expeditions, completed a relay swim across the English Channel (no wetsuit) hailed as one of the world’s most difficult open water swims, summited Mt.Kilimanjaro in 4 days, broke the World and British records for the lightweight longest solo continual ergometer (indoor rowing machine) row clocking in at 83 hours and has recently returned from rowing in a team across the Atlantic Ocean in 40 days. Isaac pursues extraordinarily difficult environments for the purpose to grow through pushing his limits in discomfort. Isaac strives to create a platform which encourages technological balance by reconnecting with nature and learning through challenge.”


Hometown | Luton! It’s the airport right? Always lived slightly north of London in the green belt, now in a lovely small village in the countryside outside St.Albans, Hertfordshire.


How did you get into adventure? | Dad made a big deal about introducing my brother and I to the great outdoors (at the time I didn’t really appreciate it or understand why, I just wanted to play on my playstation and now I am forever thankful for opening this door). We would be taken camping, country walks and fishing. I am known to be super high energy hence (Mr.Enthusiasm)! I was introduced to the great outdoors and was thrown into a swimming pool for most of my teenage years to calm me down or else I would wreak havoc on everyone… As a “YES” man when I went to university I found others like myself who liked challenges in the outdoors and over time I became more and more motivated by challenge. A challenge for me has to push me further physically and mentally or else it is easy. I enjoyed the stimulation you get from enduring discomfort and overcoming obstacles in survival situations during challenging outdoor activities… So I attempted my first challenge which was to lead a relay team to swim across the English Channel and I haven’t turned back since!


Music | I love chillstep (different acoustics) especially when hiking


Food | Mexican tacos baby!!!


Other Hobbies | I enjoy writing (writing my first book in 2019/2020), TEDx and motivational speaking to clients, geology field trips, anything outdoors (fishing, sailing, rowing, hiking, running, cycling… the list goes on). I get involved in politics locally when I can.. Love a good debate! 


Biggest Idols | Will Smith and Bear Grylls


Dream adventure | From a young boy I always wanted to go to Antarctica, because of its global importance and economic connotations in a world heavily focussed on tackling climate change… It is the bottom of the world where all lines of longitude converge (quick hello to all Flat Earth believers). Humans aren’t designed to be there, it the coldest, windiest and driest continent on the planet as well as completely remote making it very dangerous. It is one of the seven continents that appeals to my curious nature and provides the opportunity to see 1st hand experience of climate change on a massive scale. I am also a philanthropist explorer and see myself challenging the expedition to get to the South Pole just like Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen did.

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