Jade Walsh

Jade Walsh Snowboarder

Hometown | Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Sponsors | Absolute-Snow, Snozone & Nikita Clothing

Competition Results | 1st U16 Air Attack at Snotrax (Summer '16), 3rd U16 Hemel Kid's Jam, 3rd U16 English Slopestyle Championship, 1st U16 Air-Attack at Snotrax (winter '16), British indoor U16 slopestyle 2nd & 2nd overall ('15), Scottish U16 indoor slopestyle 3rd ('15), British U16 indoor slopestyle champion ('16) & Scottish U16 indoor slopestyle champion & 3rd overall ('16)

Music | Chart music/pop

Food | Cheesy garlic bread & chocolate

Other Stuff | I enjoy tennis, being a pool shark & training at my local gym. I also have a dog called TJ who my dad walks for me! 

Biggest Idols | Scott Stevens & my Dad (Walshy)

Bio | My dad, Walshy, has always been a regular at Snozone Milton Keynes. When I was 5 I asked him if I could learn to snowboard & a delighted dad got me some lessons & we have been boarding together ever since. 

My first sponsor was Snozone & they have been supporting me since I was 6. In this time I have been able to ride with some of the top riders like Scott Stevens, Jenny Jones & Halldor Helgason who have been a great motivation & an inspiration to watch ride. Every year I travel the UK competing, meeting new people & catching up with old friends. It's always great to see new faces & new girls joining the sport. 

I absolutely love snowboarding. Nothing compares to strapping in & just hitting the slope, pushing myself to do better & having a top shred, whether it's just a weekly session, a jam or a competition it's all just RAD! The feeling when you deliver a new trick is uber cool.