Junior Data Analyst | Full Time

Location: Head Office, Watford / Remote WFH

A little about you

As a Junior Data Analyst, you will have the willingness and drive to learn on the job. You will have a desire to improve your skills as you use your initiative to think through how to approach a problem or task. You will have an analytical mind and a willingness to learn from the team around you, investigating and building your knowledge as you go along. 

You will also be flexible in your role and help out in other departments when needed.

What we need:

Data reporting

  • • Data collection & entry on instruction.

  • • Take instruction from the Technology Manager to build a report using raw data.


  • Basic analysis and reporting.

  • • Take direction from the Technology Manager on what data to review.

  • • Review the data and report to Technology Manager when amendments are made.


  • • Carry out basic testing under the instruction of the Technology Manager.

  • • Bug testing- Once received confirmation that a system/process is functioning, ensure that this is checked and monitor that it works. 

  • • Mass testing- test new systems by carrying out specific tasks within it and report back on what does and does not work.

This is a developing role. In the short term, we would expect this person to:

Data reporting

  • • Build one off reports with less instruction from the Technology Manager.

  • • Maintain & update certain long term reports autonomously.


  • • Carry out basic maintenance and small campaign management.


  • • Bug reporting & testing without as much input from the Technology Manager.

  • • Small development briefing input & testing autonomously.

Working with other teams

  • • Put together reports on request for other teams.

Eventually we would look to the Junior Data Analyst to take control of these tasks with confidence on their own and work with other teams to identify data blind spots and potentially helpful reports.

Key Skills:

  • • Good working knowledge of excel.

  • • Comfortable with numbers.

  • • Ability to learn quickly.

  • • Confidence to communicate and mix with other teams.

  • • Analytical mind and attention to detail.


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