Local Skateboard Lessons

Below are some of the places we recommend if you want to get started out in skateboarding or learn some more advanced moves and are looking for skateboard lessons in Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Kings Langley, Rickmansworth, Tring, Berkhamsted, Bovingdon, Chesham, Herts, Bucks, Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas.

Private Lessons

Do you have a child who is new to skateboarding? Or just wants to have a go for the very first time, to see if they like it?

Well Skates & Ladders Skate-School provides top quality private skateboard tuition from semi-professional skateboarders, very experienced at teaching.


You don’t even need your own skateboard!!

Skates and Ladders skate school supplies boards and safety equipment (keeping the costs down for Mum or Dad!).

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced skater, we teach all levels and are happy to give honest advice on what to get when you need new kit or looking to buy for the first time.

Lessons are taught at one of the best skateparks in the UK - The XC in Hemel Hempstead.

For more information, contact head coach Josh on 07545 115 250

Or email Josh@skatesandladders.com

Check out the website!! - www.skatesandladders.com

Group Lessons


If you are local to Hemel Hempstead, St.Albans, Welwyn or surrounding areas, and have a child who is new to skateboarding or just wants to have a go for the very first time to see if they like it - then Wildchild activities offer superb skateboard lessons and courses for kids. Conducted in a fun and relaxed environment, this is the perfect way to get your kids skating safely, with confidence and making some new friends at the same time.

Throughout the session, Wildchild's passionate instructors will mix it up and explore loads of areas in order to keep it motivational and fun. After learning the basics, kids will get the chance to explore freestyle skills such as foot flips, manuals, ollies, and other diverse challenges. You don’t even need your own skateboard - Wildchild supplies boards, safety equipment and other indoor training products (keeping the costs down for Mum or Dad!)

For more information - just click on to the Wildchild Website or give them a ring on 0845 371 7099.