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Hometown | Lillehammer, Norway

Sponsors | Absolute-Rock

Competition Results | Norwegian lead championship 2014 (5th), Nordic Lead Championship 2016 (Finals), Norwegian Boulder Championship (9th)

Favourite Places to Climb | That's a hard one, when it comes to trad climbing I have to choose two; Siurana, Spain & Flatanger, Norway. My favourite place to boulder is definitely Fontainbleau, France.

Hardest Grades Climbed | Indoor: 7c+ Lead. Outdoor: 7c Lead (Papagora, Siurana) & 7b Bouldering (Behemoth, Font)

Climbing Goals For The Future| This summer I want to send my first 8a in Flatanger. I would also like to start entering more competitions to see how my level of climbing compares to others. Further in the future I would love to travel & climb around the world taking photos as I go!

Dream Climbing Destination| I really want to go to the USA & Asia to climb. I have heard so many great things about both places but have never had the chance to go. I will maybe study in the USA when I finish the climbing academy in Norway where I will get a chance to! I would also love to go to Céüse in France & climb there.

Favourite Climbers | Alex Megos & Sean Mccoll

Favourite Music | Everything from rap to classical music - it totally depends on my mood! My favourite musicians would have to be Mumford & Sons or Eminem but in a really good bouldering session I always need some rap.

Favourite Food | Pasta & chocolate!

Bio | I am a 17 year old climber born in Germany but now living in Norway. I currently live in a small city called Lillehammer where I attend the only climbing academy in Norway. Besides climbing I love to run, play football, go Randonee skiing - I love all sports & am always open to trying new ones! A year ago I decided to become a vegetarian since I am passionate about our environment & how we humans treat our planet. I want to help as many people as possible in my life & always try to stay positive & thankful.

I think that the reason I fell in love with climbing is how kind and caring the whole community is. Every time I go to the gym I know I will have a great time despite how hard training can sometimes be. I also like the playful aspect of climbing: it's not just about being the best or doing something in the quickest time, it's a game or a puzzle which you have to work out. Climbing is definitely more than just a sport, it's a lifestyle.


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