Ski Boot Fitting Service

With the Absolute Comfort Guarantee

Ski boots are the most critical component of your ski equipment set up.  A comfortable well fitted pair of ski boots can be the difference between a fantastic ski holiday or limping back to the ski chalet with painful feet.  Well fitted comfortable ski boots don't just allow you to spend more pain free time on the snow, most importantly they give you far greater control over your skis, enabling your technique to improve much more quickly.

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The Custom Fit Process

Before You Arrive

    ●  Allow 2 hours for your appointment.

    ●  Bring your old ski boots - it's a big help.

    ●  Bring your favourite Ski Socks or buy in-store

Initial Assessment

The first step is for us to get to know you. We want to know about your past experiences with ski boots, the highs and the lows, as well as your goals for the future.  The more you can tell us the better, so we can choose ski boots best suited to your needs.

We'll then assess the length, width and shape of your feet to understand their biomechanics. This goes beyond taking simple measurements.  We need to understand how high your insteps and arches are, your range of ankle flex and more.

An experienced ski boot technician develops an expert eye when assessing foot profiles and can narrow the range of  ski boots down to a handful of suitable pairs via this initial assessment process.

Feetbox 3D Scanner

At Absolute-Snow we supplement human expertise with the very latest technology. We take a 3D scan of your feet and lower legs to produce a precise 3D digital model unique to every customer.  Our Feetbox 3D Scanner simultaneously analyses the pressure distribution of your weight passing through your feet. This means, for example, we'll be able to see on screen if you tend to lean back on your heels, if you stand more heavily on one leg or if your knees do not track vertically above your feet.

With the help of the Feetbox Scanner, we'll be able to;

1) Very quickly identify a selection of boots likely to be a very good fit for your foot size and 3D shape.  

2) Determine whether different in sole would help correct any issues with your foot shape, stance or weight distribution.

Please see the below video to find out more!

Boot Selection

Next, you'll try on a few pairs of boots selected as the best fit for your feet. At this stage, please ignore colour and style. For the moment, the priority is for us to identify the best fitting pair.  We recommend wearing each pair of ski boots for 10 or 15 minutes, whilst standing in a skiing stance. Our technicians will ask for feedback about fit and comfort.  It takes a little while for the new foam in the liners to warm and soften so don’t be put off if they feel a little too snug at first.   

Before you even try the boots on, our ski technician will have a good idea which pair is likely to fit you best - the Feetbox Scanner will not only have identified the most suitable pair but it will also have identified any likely pressure points or voids. Our ski technician will then combine your feedback with that of the Feetbox Scanner to select the best fitting pair.  At this point you can take a look a different model options among our stock of ski boots with the same fit profile.

Custom Insoles

The majority of ski boot issues stem from feet being unstable inside the boot.  Feet naturally move and redistribute pressure as we walk and when we assume the skiing position.  This movement can, unfortunately, cause tiredness, discomfort and pain. The 3D scan of your feet will be used to identify the best insole for you needs.  It might be the standard insole supplied with your boots, a pair of "off the shelf" specialist insoles or, for maximum performance, comfort and fit a pair of custom made insoles.   Custom insoles eliminate most issues by stabilising your feet and evenly distributing pressure.

Custom Liner

The inner ski boot (sometimes called the foam liner) will be moulded to your precise foot shape.  Ski boot liners are made up of layers of different materials and density of foams depending on the model of ski boot that has been selected. Begginer and intermediate boots will have soft cushioned foam for comfort and warmth and this is usually reflected in the price tag, whilst more performance models will have more advanced materials that can be heated and moulded to the exact shape of your foot giving you a more secure hold and longevity.

Custom Shell

We'll conduct any necessary customisation of the hard outer plastic shell of your ski boots.  Most voids and pressure points are usually taken care of by the moulding of the liner boot but occasionally we might need to 'stretch out' any pressure points or adjust the the cuff alignment.  Your 3D scan will show us exactly where these modifications are needed - removing the guesswork needed in the olden days.

There is no longer any need to suffer from poorly fitted ski boots!

The Absolute Comfort Guarantee

Ski Boot Comfort

After you have had your ski boots custom fitted by Absolute-Snow we guarantee your new ski boots will fit perfectly and be comfortable once you have broken them in.  We are so confident that we are pleased to be able include a three year guarantee from the date of purchase.  If at any time during this three year period your boots should feel uncomfortable (after they have been broken in) we'll modify the fit free of charge.  If you require replacement insoles, these would be chargeable.

Terms & Conditions

You must:

    ●  Buy your ski boots from Absolute-Snow.

    ●  Buy one of the pairs recommended by the Absolute-Snow ski boot technician.

    ●  Buy a pair of Absolute-Snow custom insoles.

    ●  Wear ski socks approved by the Absolute-Snow ski boot technician.

This guarantee excludes:

    ●  Ski boots used for non-recreational skiing

    ●  Ski boots where the customer has opted for a 'performance' fit i.e. a size smaller than that recommended by the Absolute-Snow technician for recreational use.


Additional Help & Advice

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