Warranty Claims

Manufacturer's One Year Warranty

We appreciate how important it is that the sporting equipment and clothing you buy is up to the job. This is why we only stock leading brands who support their products with a manufacturer's warranty of at least one year. Warranty claims are extremely rare but, when they do arise, we understand how troublesome and stressful it can be for our customers. Equipment failure is never nice whenever or however it happens.

We have a dedicated member of staff to look after all customers needing to make a warranty claim. Using our online Warranty Claims Form, enables you to make a claim easily and often without needing to return products to us. Once we have received your claim we will handle it in a courteous and efficient manner so we can get it resolved as quickly as humanly possible.  


Examples of things which would normally be covered under warranty include:

• Broken or missing components
• Split seams on bags or clothing
• Misaligned stitching
• Delamination of snowboard or skis
• Structural defects in any product
• Fogging on goggles caused by a defective gasket seal
• Plus a whole host of other issues specific to individual products

Not Covered

Examples of things which are not covered under warranty include:

• Damage to any sporting equipment or clothing caused by an accidental fall or crash or by performing a jump, aerial manoeuvre, press, trick or stunt
• Damage to any water sports equipment or clothing coming into contact with any object or surface other than water
• Damage to any snow sports equipment or clothing
   - when used on a dry slope, moguls or obstacle in a snow park 
   - when coming into contact with any object or surface other than snow
   - caused by contact with the metal edges of snowboards, skis or other sharp objects
   - arising from the use of ski/pommel/chairs/drag lifts.
• Damage caused by the improper mounting of bindings, including the use of incorrect mounting hardware, cross threaded screws or inserts and damage caused by the use of incorrect screw drivers, spanners or tools
• Cosmetic abrasions, scratches or marks of the wax on the base of snowboards or skis. Wax is soft and will naturally scrape and mark in transit or when handled but these abrasions do not affect either the appearance or performance of the product itself
• Chips, scrapes and abrasions to paintwork or the surface material on any sporting equipment
• Oxidisation or rust on metal surfaces or edges
• Damage to bags or luggage caused by baggage handlers or by overloading the bag
• Rips, tears or abrasion to fabrics and materials
• Tears or rips to the crotch area of trousers when worn 'baggy' or 'low' even if this is the design, style or fashionable way to wear the pants in question
• Loss of feathers or down from feather or down filled products such as sleeping bags, jackets and slippers. Feathers/down can have sharp quill like ends which can pierce and protrude through fabric.
• Loss of waterproofing properties, discolouration or fading of fabrics if the manufacturer's washing instructions are not followed
• Damage to skate shoes used while skateboarding. Skate shoes will be severely damaged if they come into contact with anything other than the skate deck whilst riding
• Snapped boot or shoe laces.  Laces are a consumable product and need to be regularly replaced
• Fading caused by prolonged exposure to UV light. UV rays can be particularly harsh in the mountains and colours will fade over time
• Natural variations in colour, texture or appearance due to the use of natural materials or the hand made nature of some products
• Material breakdown caused by the use of solvents, adhesives or resins
• Damage caused by any post-purchase modification or customisation
• If components are used that have not been supplied by the original equipment manufacturer
• If a product is used for racing or in a commercial capacity.  All products are sold on the understanding they will be used solely for personal recreational use

This list is for illustration purposes only and is not exhaustive or comprehensive.

Claims Procedure

  • When making a warranty claim, we should always be your first point of contact.  Please do not contact the manufacturer or distributor unless requested to do so by us.
  • Please complete our Warranty Claims Form.
  • Please be sure to attach photographs clearly illustrating the specific problems you have encountered.
  • Wherever possible, we will use your photographic evidence to evaluate your claim so you may not need to return the goods to us. Please do not return goods until we ask you to do so. Sometimes goods will need to be sent direct to manufacturers or distributors, or they may not need to be returned at all.
  • We will send an email acknowledgment upon receipt of your warranty claim.
  • In the majority of cases we will liaise with manufacturer's on your behalf and contact you by email when the claim has been processed. 
  • For some brands, manufacturer's will require you to deal direct.  We will inform you if this should be the case.  We understand that under the Sale of Goods Act, your contract is with us and not the manufacturer but, due to the technical nature of the products we sell, we reserve the right to require customers to liaise directly with manufacturers or distributors in the event of a warranty claim. 

Terms & Conditions

  • The manufacturer's terms and conditions shall apply.  Please refer to the appropriate manufacturer's website.
  • Most manufacturer's warranties cover faulty design, manufacture and materials but exclude faults or damage caused by impact, wear and tear, accident, neglect or misuse.
  • All warranty claims are at the manufacturer's sole discretion.
  • Any partially or wholly successful warranty claim shall infer no admission of liability on the part of the retailer, the distributor or the manufacturer.
  • Used and ex-demonstration items are sold with no manufacturer's warranty.
  • In the event of a successful warranty claim, the cost of returning goods will be reclaimable providing you receive returns consent from us and providing you return the goods using one of the delivery services we specify. This is available for the UK only. International returns costs must be met by the customer in all circumstances
  • In the unlikely event of a disagreement, you will be required to prove the fault lies in the design, manufacturer or materials used.
  • Manufacturer's warranties are in addition to and do not replace your statutory rights.


Absolute Three Year Warranty

We are proud to offer our own industry beating three year warranty on all new snowboards, skis, wakeboards and water-skis to give you absolute peace of mind about the longevity of the sporting equipment you buy.  We only supply the best brands so warranty claims are rare but, if the worst should happen, you will be covered.

How it Works

All qualifying products will be covered in the first instance by the manufacturer's warranty where the manufacturer's terms and conditions shall apply.  If the manufacturer's warranty is one year, Absolute-Snow will extend warranty cover to three years upon registration. If the manufacturer's warranty is already three years or more, Absolute-Snow will not provide extended cover.  

How to Register

Simply buy online or in store in the usual way then register by post quoting your name, address, order reference number, date of purchase, the make, model, size and season/year and the price paid for the equipment to be covered.  Registrations must be submitted by post and received by Absolute-Snow within 30 days of purchase. Sorry but we do not currently have the facility for this information to be recorded online but we are working on it.

Three Year Warranties
Absolute-Snow Base Camp
Rhodes Way
WD24 4YW

Terms & Conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions applicable to manufacturer warranty claims, the following terms and conditions shall apply to claims made under the Absolute Three Year Warranty:

• Covers snowboards, snow skis, wakeboards and water skis
• Excludes all other products including bindings, boots and poles and products sold as 'used' or 'ex demonstration'
• Cover commences on the date of purchase (not the date of registration) and expires 3 years after the date of purchase. 
• The warranty is non transferable and expires if you should sell or transfer ownership within the warranty period