Size Chart Index

We try on for size all of the clothes and footwear we stock on our website. Then, using the manufacturer's size chart as a starting point, we provide real personal insight into the actual fit in real life and how to choose the correct size for you. Everyone knows that a large in one brand may not fit as well as a large in another. This is why we have a different size chart for every brand. We go one step further; we have a complete set of different size charts for each brand - depending on which item of clothing you want to buy. A medium T shirt could have a very different fit to medium jacket even if they were made in the same factory! We know how important reliable size information is when shopping online and are incredibly proud of our extremely low returns rate.

Using the navigation menu below, you should be able to find a size chart for almost everything we sell. There may be a few gaps but these will all be plugged in the coming weeks. Alternatively, when viewing any item of clothing and footwear on our website, there is a 'Size Chart' link.