Adidas Snowboard Boots Size Chart - Boots Come Up Small

Adidas snowboard boots have a smaller volume inside and generally fit a little tighter. Therefore, if you don't like your boots to be tight, we recommend purchasing your Adidas snowboard boots a half size bigger than your normal boot size.

The Mondo Scale

'Mondo' means 'World' and ALL manufacturers around the world use this system for sizing ALL footwear. We recommend you use it too because it is the most accurate and reliable measure and is consistent across all brands and all types of footwear.  Our website always shows both the Mondo and UK sizes for all snowboard boots.

The Mondo scale is dead easy! Mondo 30.0 means the footbed liner or insole of your shoe is exactly 30cm long. Some manufacturers call it Mondo 300 but this simply means your insole is 300mm long so is exactly the same. The mondo point scale was invented in Japan so it is sometimes also referred to as Japanese sizing.

To work out what boot size you need using the mondo scale, simply find a pair of snowboard boots that fit you well and either look at the MP size quoted on the size label or remove the insole.  If you do not have boots, a comfy pair of trainers will work.  Measure the insole using a steal measuring tape measuring from the extreme tip of the toe to the extreme tip of the heel. The measurement will ALWAYS be exact to the nearest 5mm. You will never get 30.2 or 28.8. It will always be 30.0 exactly. This is your mondo shoe or boot size.  Checkout this video to have Adam explain it all in plain English:


Adidas Snowboard Boots - International Size Comparisons

22544.536 2/3
2304.5537 1/3
2405.5638 2/3
24566.539 1/3
25577.540 2/3
2607.5841 1/3
2708.5942 2/3
27599.543 1/3
2851010.544 2/3
29010.51145 1/3
30011.51246 2/3
3051212.547 1/3
3151313.548 2/3
32013.51449 1/3

Source: Adidas

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