DC - Men's Snowboard/Ski Jackets Size Chart

The DC size chart is accurate and reliable, but please be aware that the standard and relaxed fit jackets are designed to be worn oversized and baggy and therefore come up on the large side. If you prefer a more fitted look and you are between sizes, we recommend going down a size.

We are confident in the fit of DC Snowboard Jackets because:

  • We have tried the jackets on ourselves, in a full range of models and sizes.
  • We monitor customer returns.
  • We see customers wearing the jackets in our Snowboard/Ski Shop
  • We have been selling them for years! 


XS4488160 -  16534.663 - 655'3 - 5'5
S4692165 -  17036.265 - 675'5 - 5'7
S/M4896165 - 17537.765 - 695'5 - 5'9
M50100 170 -  17539.367 - 695'5 - 5'9
M/L52104175 -  18040.969 - 715'9 - 5'11
L54108175 -  18042.569 -715'9 - 5'11
L/XL56112175 -  1854469 - 735'9 - 6'1
XL58116175 -  18545.669 - 735'9 - 6'1
XL/XXL60120180 - 19047.271 - 755'11 - 6'3
XXL62124185 - 19048.873 - 756'1 - 6'3

Source: DC

The 'Fit'

DC Snowboard and ski jackets come in three 'fits'. Check the product description on each jacket to see which applies.

  • Tailored. The best crossover between street and snow. These jackets feature a slightly longer tail, slimmer body and ultimate articulation on shoulders and elbows.
  • Regular. Classic fit that feels good in any environment. Comfortable yet functional, without looking too baggy. Articulated elbows.
  • Relaxed. As requested by DC team riders. This style has a looser fit than the rest of the line. The jackets have a longer body and sleeve for better coverage and maximum mobility.

How to Measure Your Chest

Wear just an undergarment or nothing at all.

Stand up straight with your arms hanging by your sides and breath normally.

Run a soft tape measure under your arm pits over the largest part of your chest and across your shoulder blades.

The tape measure should be snug, but not tight.

How To Measure Your Chest

Jacket Dimensions

We strongly recommend that you never measure a jacket to determine the size you need.  Actual garment sizes differ substantially from the dimensions quoted in the table at the top of this page because the manufacturer makes allowances for:

    ●  The wearing of mid and / or base layers beneath the jacket.

    ●  The freedom of movement required for snowboarding and skiing.

    ●  The cut and style of the jacket.

    ●  The insulation which may or may not be included in a particular jacket.

All of the above will differ depending on a jacket's specific design.  If you have a jacket at home which fits you well, please do not attempt to measure it to help you choose the size of your new jacket - it will not work even if your existing jacket is the same make or similar style to the one you'd like to buy.

Still Not Sure What Size to Get?

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